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  • http://www.get-better-sleep.com/TheSecretstoBetterSleep.html The Secrets to Better Sleep - Learn the secrets to better sleep, complete with long dreamy nights and energy-filled days.

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  • fencesabre2000 - it's pretty easy to understand and get through without too much ...

    I haven't taken the GRE yet, but I will say that it is very well organized and really goes into depth about each section of the GRE, how to approach each question, and how to eliminate incorrect answers. For as in depth as they explain everything, it's pretty easy to understand and get through without too much headache. It even comes with a sample test at the end, and as long as the sample test is fairly representative of the actual one, I will score very well. If nothing else, this study guide has given me a lot of confidence leading up to the test.

  • Marvin D. Hain Jr. - need more details on success stories....

    Say folks....hearing a lot of positive results, but what is really important to me currently is your usage. How long and how much have you been using? Then I can compare to my situation.....Thanks.....I have a month before the test (employment), and very unpleasant withdrawals currently.....thanks much, m

  • Chris A. - Great!

    I got the 2013 paperback version, it was great too, but this time I got an ebook for convenience. This verison has a lot of great resources.

  • Kchan - Case is holding up well, even after some big drops

    After having this case for over two week and having a few big drops already, case is holding up with no cracks.

  • Chrisy - I was on Depo Provera for 12 years, my ...

    I was on Depo Provera for 12 years, my last shot was due April 2014 but I didnt get it so we could start trying. As anyone knows coming off of Depo they say it may take 1.5 years to get a normal period and me being 34 I was not expecting much. I started Pregnitude on July 20th 2014 and found out I was pregnant on October 12th 2014. I was only off of Depo for 6 months and Pregnitude regulated me that quickly. I am now 6 weeks along with our first.

  • ALICIA - Happiest birthday and the best birthday gift he ever received. Thanks Amazon and Keliwow for making it come true. You guys rock!

    My wife and I order this as a birthday gift for our nephew. We had it shipped directly to him from Amazon. His father called me and said that it arrived in excellent condition. He charged the battery and he put the truck in a big paper bag facing outward. He give his son the remote and told his son the his birthday gift was in the paper bag and that he needed to use the remote to get it out. Well when he punch the gas switch it launched out the paper bag like a rocket. Needless to say he had the best birthday party ever. He told me thanks so much for his gift and he already has plans on some upgrades. Thanks for making his birthday a very special one that he will never forget. Last but not least he says the truck is well built as he has already rolled it several times only to land right side up on its wheels and just kept on going. AWESOME!

  • Susan S. - I was under the impression that it was a removable ...

    I was under the impression that it was a removable disk. All that came in the box was an activation code and instructions. Now, I have to figure out how do make a rescue disk. I am not that computer tech savvy. If I had known ahead of time, I would have looked for a security suite with a rescue disk. Otherwise, I have just installed Kaspersky today and will really have to give it some time to see if it really works or not.