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Geisinger Medical Laboratories: Dedicated to Laboratory Excellence - Geisinger Medical Laboratories-Geisinger Proven Diagnostics, a medical reference laboratory in Pennslyvania (PA). Dedicated to laboratory excellence, patient safety, quality assurance, and service improvement.

  • https://www.geisingermedicallabs.com/what/opcs.cfm Geisinger Medical Laboratories Patient Service Center Locations - Geisinger Medical Laboratories' Patient Service Center Locations. GML has many convenient draw stations where patients may have their blood collected and transported to GML for medical laboratory testing.
  • https://www.geisingermedicallabs.com/who/about.shtml About Geisinger Medical Laboratories - Geisinger Medical Laboratories, The Laboratory Division of the Geisinger Health System, providing medical reference laboratory services in northeastern and central Pennsylvania.
  • https://www.geisingermedicallabs.com/what/mission.shtml Our Mission - GML's mission is to improve the health of the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through an integrated system of health services. Geisinger Medical Laboratories seeks to provide high-quality, comprehensive laboratory services at an affordable cost
  • https://www.geisingermedicallabs.com/who/admin.shtml Administrative Staff - Geisinger Medical Laboratories, The Laboratory Division of the Geisinger Health System, a medical reference laboratory in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania
  • https://www.geisingermedicallabs.com/who/clientservices.shtml Client Services Staff - Customer Care Representatives, Call Center Support, Courier Services: Geisinger Medical LaboratoriesPpovides it all for our clients. We want to be your medical reference laboratory.
  • https://www.geisingermedicallabs.com/directory/index.shtml The Geisinger Medical Laboratories Doctoral Staff Directory - Here is a directory of the anatomic and clinical pathologists who lead the various laboratory departments performing medical lab tests and providing diagnostic services at Geisinger Medical Laboratories.
  • https://www.geisingermedicallabs.com/what/index.shtml Geisinger Medical Laboratories Laboratory Services - Geisinger Medical Laboratories, focused on laboratory excelllence and patient safety.
  • https://www.geisingermedicallabs.com/what/clinical.shtml Clinical Laboratory Tests Performed at Geisinger Medical Laboratories - Clinical Laboratory Tests Performed at Geisinger Medical Laboratories includes drugs of abuse, (DAU) therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), microbiology testing, serologic testing. We provide medical laboratory testing to industry, law enforcement, community hospitals, and physician offices in northeastern and central Pennsylvania.
  • https://www.geisingermedicallabs.com/new/research_index.cfm Research and Publications by Geisinger Medical Laboratories Staff - Research, Publications, Presentations, Abstracts, Poster Presentations authored by the Geisinger Medical Laboratories staff
  • https://www.geisingermedicallabs.com/new/index.shtml What's New at Geisinger IHC? - Geisinger Medical Laboratories offers histologic preparation and immunohistochemistry with a large menu of special stains, including HER-2/neu, p21ras, p-Akt, cathepsin-D, and many more.
  • https://www.geisingermedicallabs.com/who/licenses.shtml About Geisinger Medical Laboratories - Geisinger Medical Laboratories is accredited by the College of American Pathologists, CMS/CLIA, and PA DOH
  • https://www.geisingermedicallabs.com/patients/index.shtml Information for Patients - Where you can get your blood drawn, how to prepare for your lab test, frequently asked billing questions, and a list of insurances we accept
  • https://www.geisingermedicallabs.com/patients/pt_billing.shtml Patient Billing Information - Here is a list of requestions patients frequently ask about GML's billing practices.
  • https://www.geisingermedicallabs.com/how/insurance.shtml Insurances We Accept at Geisinger Medical Laboratories - Geisinger Medical Laboratories participates with various insurance carriers listed on this page for coverage of clinical laboratory tests and pathology services.
  • https://www.geisingermedicallabs.com/how/provider_info.shtml Information for Providers - Information available for healthcare providers includes a billing guide, complete with contact information for our billing team, the Diagnostics newsletter, a periodical for professional staff, an FAQs section, GMLlink, your online resource to access patient test results anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection and a how to page, to guide you through some common tasks
  • https://www.geisingermedicallabs.com/10xEssentials/archive.shtml 10 X Essentials Archive - 10X Essentials, the infectious disease diagnostics newsletter for the Geisinger Health System
  • https://www.geisingermedicallabs.com/how/bill.shtml Geisinger Medical Laboratories Billing Guide - Billing information for medical reference laboratory clients of Geisinger Medical Laboratories, The Laboratory Division of the Geisinger Health System

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