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Home - Award winning Seafood Restaurant in historical Bunratty, Co.Clare. Rustic traditional pub featuring reclaimed sandstone floors, timber beams with brick and stone walls.

Country:, Europe, IE

City: -6.2439 , Ireland

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    For those who do many performance appraisals, this is a great reference. It breaks up the monotony of using common phrases and allows me to more easily find the words I need to give effective and meaningful feedback, without sounding like a broken record.

  • okinawahall - Its OK and works as advertised

    It sis what it is and its true weak signals your not going to get. I use satellite so for me it works fine. Takes that ugly large one from the OEM away and covers the hole. True to its word it fit with no problems. Make sure you use a thick towel when using a tool to screw it in or your going to scratch the surface paint away.

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    My monitor had the wide bolt pattern and wouldn't center with my VESA mount, this allowed me to convert it to the smaller pattern without adding bulk.

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    I purchased this because my regular mop does not move around & behind toilet. I have spine & neck injuries that prevent me from hands & knees scrubbing like I did prior injury. I'm amazed that I waited so long to purchase this!! I love it. Hands down the best mop head.. All those little scrubbers built into the mop stripes. And wringing it with a easy twist!! I love it!! And into the washer for cleaning it!! Very happy customer :) Great job Libman Wonder Mop!!

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    A great system that requires discipline. Great health benefits and which makes you feel good all around. Low carb, not as strict as Atkins. Need a lot of water and protein intake. Shakes are good with almond milk (chocolate is the best). Passion is your energy drink (berry is the best). Low acid diet.

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