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  • June1 - What Planet am I on???

    Wow! I must have fallen into Kinky Curly land where every one has fallen in love with the Kinky Curly god. What is so great? I bought the shampoo, conditioner, curling custard, spritz, AND pomade, and I must admit that at first I thought that I really had something good. I would say I have 4a hair. I was initially disappointed because even though the products defined my curl, it still remained in an afro shape, not laying as I had seen in many (all) of the videos (and I looked at quite a lot). But again, the curl was much more defined. I initially put a pretty good amount on, following the directions, making sections and applying to dripping wet hair. My hair took almost two days to dry! Now that is ridiculous! My hair was a little crisp when it dried so I applied a small amount of the pomade which did it's job with no problem. While in the drying stage I also found the back of my hair to be quite gummy. Hmmm, wet and gummy, great. About the third day I tried the Spritz which only added to the gumminess. I decided to try the product again but this time I would use less. I did and found that the product still took about 8 hours to dry and when it did my hair was defined in parts and not defined in others, and again I had the gummies. I could go on but, why? For me the thing is this, some day (hopefully soon) some one will come out with a product that can work well with kinky (type 4) hair. My curly wavy sisters, this product maybe great for you but I have a thumbs down for kinky sisters. Use the shampoo, use the conditioner, but leave the curly creme and the spritz for those in the curly-wavy section.

  • Amazon Customer - In love with this product

    In love with this product. My hair is so soft and manageable. Great for twist outs and wash and go styles. Smells delicious...does everything it promises.

  • Kellie Collins - You Really do get your Life Back

    I bought one of these machines about 8 years ago from the actual GetBack2life website. I have both a hernitated and bulging disc and was in so much pain. I bought this machine after seeing it on an infomercial. My husband thought I was crazy. But short of surgery nothing else had worked. I could not believe the difference. In just 24 hrs I could finally bend down and come back up. It was so amazing. I have used this religiously from that point on. Back in 2009 I fell while hiking rim to rim in the Grand Canyon. I suspect I pinched a nerve because I had radiating pain down my left leg. When I got home I got right on this machine. This is the first time it was uncomfortable but I figured it was really stretching everything out. Within a week the pain disappeared. The motor quit working on this a year ago and I literally had a panic attack. What am I going to do without my back to life. I went back to the website and the models were still selling for $199. I decided to check out Amazon and found it to be cheaper. I never hesitated on buying a second machine. I know this machine doesn't work for everyone but it did make a HUGE difference in my life. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that has lower back pain!

  • Scott Almand - I like it

    It's actually for my girl friend and she's very happy with the results. The product is satisfactory in her mind, thank you very much.

  • Patricia - Nice truck, OK price

    My boy love this toy, but, he is a little disapointed on the way that it does not move by itself, comparing with the small one. In the other hand, he is very happy the way that the small one, moves to the the truck, but, it would have being better if the truck itself, moves ones the cargo car is on board, and not only, in making noise as if it would be moving forward.