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  • Rosemary N. Taylor - Dave Frahm's book

    Another one of Dave Frahm's books that I enjoyed! Interesting facts about how our body works like a car's engine.

  • Ashley Slayton - This is a rip-off. Adobe has found a new ...

    This is a rip-off. Adobe has found a new way to bleed even more money out of people. This is a subscription and once you stop paying you no longer have access to the programs you have been subscribing too.

  • Jenn M - Great Product!!!!

    I bought Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste last year to clean my oven and it worked well. We are finishing up a remodel and today I stained the trim around the fireplace. When I took the frog tape off I could not believe that the stain was all over the travertine tile. I tried a couple things and nothing worked. I saw the Paste sitting in the cabinet so I grab it a long with some q-tips. I applied it to a tiny area and much to my surprise the miniwax wood stain came right up. I applied the paste to the rest of the area then went over it with a small toothbrush. This product saved me!!!!!! I will be trying this on many things now.

  • Kendyl Aussenhofer - Great Phone!

    I got this phone and it works really well. The display is amazing. The phone quickly downloads apps and it was easy to put my music on it. It was a pleasant surprise when I opened the box and saw that it came with a case and screen protector. Great price for what you get.

  • Amos - Great Product!

    I had a persistent belly ache that no doctor could find the source of. I found this product online and gave it a try. It greatly reduced my belly ache. I am now a true believer in Black Seed Oil!

  • S. Wright - What a great little coffee brewer!

    My husband and I are long time French Press users but I switched to decaf and it was complicated to make coffee for both of us with only one pot. I didn't want to buy a second press so I bought the Primula Coffee Brew Buddy and couldn't be happier. Super easy to use; place filter over your coffee cup, add two tablespoons coffee into the filter and pour hot water in to fill. Let brew for a couple of minutes and you've got a deep, rich cup of coffee. Clean up is easy too, just tip upside down over a garbage bin and shake the grounds out. A quick rinse under the faucet and you're done. Will definitely take this camping. It's small and lightweight, perfect for a bike touring trip.

  • Tim W - Did not fit

    Got this for my 2010 4Runner, I love the design but the threaded portion is too thin to screw into the antennae receiver on the vehicle. Had to return