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  • openassure - It's a great book

    Ever heard the expression "don't judge a book by it's cover"? Well that certainly applies here. The reason to buy this book is because of what's inside and this book is packed with useful information.

  • Robert Swafford - Poor Quality

    Prompt shipment carried this monster upstairs and quick and easy assy. Started to use the equip within 30 minutes. We used the product infrequently for about 60 days and my wife said it was making a clicking noise. The rollers hit the frame when used aggresively. I called customer service and a replacement part was shipped.. Recieved 3 days later, installed, no change. Called again, rep came out to replace arms. Only one was replace because that wasn't the problem. He ordered the entire bottom rails frame and all. It came in about 4 days later. Called the rep and returned 3 days later. Replaced the parts and seemed ok. Not when used aggresively. Still clicks. Now had too long for return. Amazon said go to company, company no responce. Product works BUT it clicks, freaks me out.

  • Dien V. Le - Great Info of Med Schools

    It's the only book you'll need if you're looking into which med school you want to apply to. It tells you EVERYTHING you can possibly want to know!!

  • Brian McGinty - I love my Moov NOW

    I love my Moov NOW. I started looking for a fitness tracker to motivate me to exercise after taking a new job with a longer commute. I wasn't doing anything and figured it was time. The features of the Moov attracted me and they have proved extremely motivational. I started with the 7 minute workout and have continued doing it regularly. I grabbed a second Moov device and fell in love with the cardio boxing. Now that it is spring, I'm ready to run, walk and bike. I love that the coach is there with you throughout the workout and keeps you going. My body is thanking me everyday for buying the moov now.

  • Stephen of Las Vegas - A product with this name was sold in the 1990s!

    This product was heavily promoted for several months on a TV infomercial almost 20 years ago in the 1990s...or at least a product of the identical name and advertising claims. It didn't work then, and from most of the new reviews, it seems to be about the same today. At that time, a second product with virtually the same claims and advertising appeared...I don't recall its name. I wouldn't be surprised if they were both from the same source. Buy one of them...it doesn't work. So try the other one also.

  • garbo - libman wonder mop

    I love this mop. After you mops the floors you can wash it and it looks like new I have had this mop for awhile so I don't know how long the mop will last but so far it has lasted a long long time I haven't even needed to use the refill I brought. so I am good for a while with this mop I would recommended this mop greatlhy.