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Foothills Weight Loss | Knoxville, Tennessee - Welcome to Foothills Weight Loss Specialists Foothills Weight Loss Specialists is the first surgical weight loss practice in the Knoxville area. Since 2002, we

  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/seminars/ Seminars | Foothills Weight Loss - Seminars A free informational seminar is your first step to achieving better health and improved quality of life. Attendance is required for all prospective
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/about-us/ About Us | Foothills Weight Loss - About Us * Traci lost 108 pounds via Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy. Our board-certified surgeons and highly trained staff offer comprehensive care to
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/about-us/physicians/ Physicians | Foothills Weight Loss - Our Physicians Dr. Mark A. Colquitt MD, FACS, FASMBS Dr. Colquitt was born in Knoxville, Tenn. He completed four years of active duty in the Navy as a
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/about-us/staff/ Staff | Foothills Weight Loss - Our Staff Mary Bivens, LPN Clinical Liaison Mary joined Foothills Weight Loss Specialists in 2001. Mary collaborates closely with Drs. Colquitt and Ray to
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/about-us/philosophy-of-care/ Philosophy of Care | Foothills Weight Loss - Our Philosophy of Care The Weight Management Program is a collaboration between Foothills Weight Loss Specialists and Fort Sanders Center for Bariatric Surgery
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/obesity/ Obesity | Foothills Weight Loss - Obesity Obesity vs. Morbid Obesity Causes of Morbid Obesity Related Health Conditions* Time to Act on Obesity! This video explains why obesity is a
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/obesity/obesity-vs-morbid-obesity/ Obesity vs. Morbid Obesity | Foothills Weight Loss - Obesity versus Morbid Obesity Obesity means having too much body fat and is defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of greater than 30. The BMI is a measure
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/obesity/causes-of-morbid-obesity/ Causes of Morbid Obesity | Foothills Weight Loss - Causes of Morbid Obesity The causes of morbid obesity are multiple and complex. Despite conventional wisdom, however, it is not simply the result of overeating
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/obesity/related-health-conditions/ Related Health Conditions | Foothills Weight Loss - Obesity-Related Health Conditions Obesity-related health conditions can significantly reduce your life expectancy. A partial list of some of the most common
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/treatment/ Treatment | Foothills Weight Loss - Treatment Chriscilla's joint and foot pain has improved since losing 102 lbs via laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy To learn about the different treatments
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/treatment/treatment-options/ Treatment Options | Foothills Weight Loss - Treatment Options Anyone who has considered a weight loss program is well aware that there are countless programs available. In fact, before approving coverage
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/treatment/weight-loss-surgery-options/ Weight Loss Surgery Options | Foothills Weight Loss - Weight Loss Surgery Options The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery describes two basic approaches that weight loss surgery takes to achieve
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/reshape-balloon/ ReShape Balloon | Foothills Weight Loss - ReShape. The Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedure. Now Available at Foothills Weight Loss Specialists! The ReShape Procedure is a new, FDA approved, non
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/treatment/pathway-to-surgery/ Pathway to Surgery | Foothills Weight Loss - Pathway to Surgery The weight loss surgery process: Before surgery: Months Surgery: Minutes After surgery: Lifetime Weight loss surgery is no
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/treatment/life-after-surgery/ Life After Surgery | Foothills Weight Loss - Life After Surgery Diet The modifications made to your gastrointestinal tract will require permanent changes in your eating habits that must be adhered to for
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/treatment/success-stories/ Success Stories | Foothills Weight Loss - Success Stories See the dramatic impact bariatric surgery can have in this inspiring video from ASMBS. Meet Our Patients *Tracie Pre-surgery
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/for-patients/ For Patients | Foothills Weight Loss - For Patients * Doris's quality of life has improved since losing 130 lbs. via laparoscopic Sleeve Gastectomy Patient Forms Payment Options Support
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/for-patients/weight-loss-app/ Weight Loss App | Foothills Weight Loss - Free Baritastic App At Foothills Weight Loss Specialists in Knoxville, we strive to offer patients the best tools and resources to aid in their
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/for-patients/patient-forms/ Patient Forms | Foothills Weight Loss - Foothills Patient Forms New Bariatric Patient Packet Gastric Bypass Followup Questionnaire Sleeve Gastrectomy Followup Update Bariatric Patient
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/for-patients/payment-options/ Payment Options | Foothills Weight Loss - Payment Options Insurance As part of the pathway to surgery, patients meet with our financial counselor to discuss insurance benefits available and payment
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/for-patients/support-groups/ Support Groups | Foothills Weight Loss - Support Groups The widespread use of support groups provides weight loss surgery patients an excellent opportunity to discuss their various personal and
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/bariatric-advantage-supplements/ Bariatric Advantage Supplements | Foothills Weight Loss - Bariatric Advantage® Nutritional Supplements Bariatric Advantage® provides a complete line of dietary supplements that have been specifically formulated to
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/foothills-whey-protein/ Foothills Whey Protein | Foothills Weight Loss - Foothills Whey Protein Isolate New Flavors! Now, enjoy Foothills Weight Loss Specialists brand Whey Protein Isolate in fruity blueberry, orange, or yummy
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/for-patients/online-resources/ Online Resources | Foothills Weight Loss - Online Resources Click on one of the links below to obtain more information regarding your pathway to treatment. Foothills Weight Loss Specialists works
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/for-patients/area-visitor-information/ Area Visitor Information | Foothills Weight Loss - Area Visitor Information If you will be traveling to East Tennessee for your procedure, the following links will help to plan your stay. Knoxville
  • http://www.foothillsweightloss.com/contact/ Contact | Foothills Weight Loss - General Inquiries * Amanda lost 85 pounds with Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy. Office Hours Monday – Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm

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  • Coldwatergardens - I wasn't impressed

    I'm not sure if it was pilot error but I didn't achieve the results I was hoping to. I also didn't really understand how labor intensive this is. It's a serious three step process and honestly I don't see any results that warrant this amount of work. Perhaps my scratches were worse than the capabilities of this product which is why I chose 3 stars but for me it was useless and a whole lot of work for nothing

  • Oksana Shiell - Glitter particles. I am very disappointed.

    I used this foil yesterday for baking no-knead bread that is very sticky. I covered my pizza stone with the foil, non-stick side up of course. Non-stick side worked very well but when I removed the foil from the stone I discovered that entire surface of the stone was covered in glitter like sparkles. I try to rinse them off, to wash it off with the dish-washing soap, to scrub it with different cleaning products, eventually most of it came off, but I still see plenty of sparkles left. This product spoiled my expensive pizza stone and mostly now I am concerned because last week am mistakenly used wrong side for baking and possibly my family ended up eating the glitter particles. I am very disappointed.