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Inicio - Fonag (FONDO PARA LA PROTECCIÓN DEL AGUA) - Somos una alianza de personas e instituciones comprometidas con la naturaleza, que conjuntamente con la comunidad protegemos, cuidamos y rehabilitamos el ambiente, especialmente las fuentes de agua de las Cuencas hídricas que abastecen del patrimonio al Distrito Metropolitano de Quito, a través de actividades de protección ambiental.

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  • Amazon Customer - Brill product, brill price!

    Purchased the Moov Now in Black a couple of months ago now and have been impressed with its ability completely. It is a highly fit for purpose product that doesn't distract or detour from what it is ultimately there to do. The smooth design to fit the wrist and ankle is stylish, light in weight and highly practical, therefore it fits in superbly with day to day life. The range of sports covered keeps you interested and motivated as sticking to one form of exercise can often become stale and boring. Another great motivational aspect is the built in Audio Coach, for anyone with even the slightest competitive edge about them the Audio Coach will keep you striving to better yourself and allows you to improve technique and form in order to exercise more efficiently and effectively. When weighing up the 'Pros & Cons' in some of the reviews, I genuinely believe each Con can be counteracted with a positive point. Finally, the price. an essential aspect for a lot of people and the Moov Now comes in at under £60 which can only be described as a bargain. So, in summary, if you are looking for a reasonable priced, high quality fitness tracker this is for you, with the added bonus of the Audio Coach you can not go wrong. The simple, stylish design will keep you exercising rather than checking the time and with the range of different sports and workouts provided you'll have the motivation needed to reach your goals.

  • C. freeman - Great product, but PLEASE use the safety!!

    I love this product. I've had it for over a year and it works wonderfully. I ALWAYS use that safety piece, but back in February I was in a hurry, slicing onions and sliced the entire top of my finger and fingernail off. I was taken to the emergency room and they couldn't get the bleeding to stop so it had to be cauterized. OUCH! It took about 4 weeks to heal and I still have numbness.

  • William L. - Great product

    Have used for years. Got this because got hacked despite 'other maker's product. So far works pretty well and haven't had repeat problem. Best feature is 24/7 'wall' that keeps malware from getting in. Works with Microsoft Windows shield.

  • WiseOldOwl - A little balance to the reviews

    Like everyone else, I bought Quixx Scratch Remover after reading the reviews on Amazon, other sites and watching the videos online.