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FOLK - ISKCON Bangalore - List of FOLK(Friends of Lord Krishna) programs are cultivate positive value systems, develope interpersonal skills, increase operational skills and enhance personal growth.

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  • Dr. Dave - The Right Tool For The Job

    Easy to set-up, easy to use. Easily worth a lot more than its price when building cabinets or anything else that you can assemble using pocket screws. BUY IT, YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID.

  • Judy T. - Not So User Friendly

    I found this version quite difficult to navigate as opposed to the old (really old 2003) version. I could be more creative with the older version and quite rapidly, while now, I'm struggling to make a simple edit with this. I did like the updated graphics quite a bit and those graphics are what keep me trying my best to master the new version.

  • Benjamin Jenkins - Love it

    Great for having fun with your kids, some recipes contain alcohol, I'll just leave that out and prepare a delicious Butterscotch Brew with my son, he's nuts about Harry Potter :)

  • bka0721 - Great Bag, but needs tweaking in the design to remove Grocery Sack result.

    I like it. But it is larger than I expected. I might order a medium, if I can figure out how to negotiate Amazon's search for them. Not that easy to search for. But this one fits great for my 17" Laptop, but I need one for my iPad and stuff, for those days I am going with that one. I wish there were more pockets or possible solutions on the interior of the Messenger Bag. Things turn into a "grocery sack" when carried inside. I have solved this to a certain point by using zip lock bags to organize the smaller items. Some extra work in design could be done here, as there is in Camera Cases like Lowe and Case Logic has done and for the same price point.

  • Amazon Customer - bad taste

    The taste is terrible. I only tried it a week as I couldn't make myself drink it anymore. Maybe if you could mix it in something that could over power the taste it might work. I tried tea, water, non-citric juice, and diet pop.

  • Amazon Customer - Goodbye file cabinet, Hello binder!

    As a woman of color, I was accustomed to being ignored and simply stored away in a dark, musty file cabinet. But thanks to recent advancements in society, I have been transferred to a durable and shall I say, "freer" place of containment. The Avery Binder has allowed me to interact, but not too much, with women from all walks of life and for this I will always be grateful.