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  • http://www.floridahealthfinder.gov/healthencyclopedia/Health%20Illustrated%20Encyclopedia/topics.aspx List of Topics | Health Encyclopedia | FloridaHealthFinder.gov - Colles' fracture is a break across the end of the main bone of the forearm (the radius). A Colles' fracture results in a backward and outward position of the hand in relation to the forearm.

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  • C. Grabert - Really need to improve the off angle viewing.

    Nice picture. I do wish there was more 4K content out there to see how good it could be. My only real complaint is the off viewing angle. Plain and simple, it stinks. This TV was to replace a smaller Panasonic TV which I love, with a fabulous IPS screen that can be viewed from almost anywhere in the room. It is now in my bedroom. I was unable to find a Panasonic TV with the size/features/price I wanted. It seems my dream TV is not sold in the USA. For some reason it is only available in Europe, so I purchased this Samsung. I like it but not sure I love it . I do like it better than a smaller 1080 Samsung that I also own. I wish I had looked more closely at the LG TV's that do also have an IPS screen like my beloved Panasonic.

  • Shelly - Another Outstanding Collection of Contemporary Short Stories

    This is yet another in the excellent annual series of short story compilations. Each volume contains 20 outstanding stories by contemporary North American writers, with a helpful brief introduction by the editor and a short biography and statement by each author. The stories are selected from those published in the prior year's literary journals such as The New Yorker, The Atlantic and the Kenyon Review. Each volume is edited by a continuing series editor as well as a different well-known author each year. Both the "Best American" series and the "O. Henry Prize" short story collection series, which operates on a similar basis, are outstanding and well worth reading and re-reading. (And every now and then the editors of each collection happen to select the same story for publication.).

  • Robert W. - I have owed this wireless charger for only 2 days ...

    I have owed this wireless charger for only 2 days, and I'm very impressed so far..i own the note 5, and my wife will upgrade to the s7 edge depending on my review. Will give another review after a week.

  • Nikki H. - we'll I've always sorta had this bad habit of picking and end up with scarring because ...

    Okay, we'll I've always sorta had this bad habit of picking and end up with scarring because of my olive skin tone, but a couple years back after turning 18 I started having really bad breakout and was always tempted to try to 'pick'. So in a leap of blind faith and not really sure what I was getting to I bought these, I bought the whole kit, all 5! The product arrived super quickly, I was really excited to try them out as soon as I got them, when I first tried them I was saddened and became easily discouraged and thought it was a 'bust', so the 5kit just sat around my room in solitude for two or so weeks until I decided I'd give them a try again, its like having a new toy and not knowing how to work it, so I prepared myself this time and watched a couple youtube vids with people using similar looking extraction tools, and attempted to mimic what I saw and viola!! Like magic I had learned how to use it (sorta), so far I have only mastered (learned) how to use three of the five tools, my quest is still far from complete but I'm am EXTREMELY happy with my purchase and I'm glad I took the dive and bought these i use these so so so very often and they great thing is I.DON'T.SCAR, when I use these tools to do extractions. I've used them for the blackheads on my nose, pimples on my face, those weird semi wannabe blackhead I get sometimes on face, and It works for all of it. Now something to note though is that there is a method to how you use each tool and what part of your face your using it on also. Like for example I use the long loop for blackheads on my nose, for blackheads or wannabe blackheads that are on other parts of my face like my chin, cheeks, forehead I use the loop with the shorter handle, and for pimples I like to use the rounded loop. When your using the loops though you want to bring it towards the edge to make it easier to remove, it you apply on center and just press down you won't really achieve much doing that. If you get too confused on how to use these just remember.. Youtube is the savior (in this case), so try to look up Manuals, guides, instructions, how-tos anything that will help and make sure your properly disinfect your tools after each use. Also to keep your skin clean, I wouldn't recommend applying things like makeup onto skin after doing extractions because that can clog pores. The reason I give it four stars and not five is because the tools are SO GOOD!! But there's no manual or guide with it so it is definitely confusing for those who have never used anything like this before or just don't know how to use it. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking or thinking of buying something like this.