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  • Aaron H. - Plenty of bang for your buck

    Powerful enough to carry my HP Proliant server, a laptop, a 24" monitor, a WAP, a small router, and a host of other small devices. The LCD display is really handy, and it has power to spare. Carried the whole rig for nearly an hour before I got scared and shut everything down....just in time for the power to come back on. I was concerned about the "off" brand, as I've always used APC, but I read the reviews, and this one showed pretty high. I will give it a full 5-star rating because it can carry all of my home-based office hardware with room to spare. I didn't connect my laser printer to the battery, as that wouldn't be fair--it kills everything it touches. But the server is happy, the laptop is happy, and all of my other stuff just clicks along. It will carry a good-sized server and peripherals for up to an hour (my experience), so that's exceptional for a UPS. Most are expected to die off in 20-30 minutes.

  • Michael Ponce - Quality Release and action driven battlefield.

    Came day of release. Best battlefield to date. Shifting focus from vehicles to ground combat makes this game action packed. PC verison has been stable and have had zero crashes or server issues.