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  • http://www.expressyourselfmums.co.uk/about.htm Express Yourself Mums is a specialist breastfeeding website - EYM was set up to support breastfeeding mums. We are distributor of the My Brest Friend Breastfeeding Pillow, and we support breastfeeding charities with every purchase.
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  • http://www.expressyourselfmums.co.uk/Expressing-breastmilk Expressing Breastmilk and choosing a breastpump - Choosing a breastpump when expressing breastmilk. We have manual and electric breastpumps, single or double as well as hire or purchase pumps and accessories.
  • http://www.expressyourselfmums.co.uk/hospital-grade-rental-breastpumps Hospital Grade Breastpumps for hire from Express Yourself Mums. - Hospital Grade breastpumps for Hire from Express Yourself Mums. Medela Symphony and Medela Lactina available next day including Saturdays. Ameda Elite available next day.
  • http://www.expressyourselfmums.co.uk/HotMat HotMat hotplate innovative folding hotplate for Shabbat and shabbes - The HotMat is a new revolutionary foldable hotplate specifically designed for Shabbat use. Excellent heating capacity; safe, energy efficient and in a sleek design.
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  • http://www.expressyourselfmums.co.uk/Zita-West Zita West mineral supplements for pregnancy and breastfeeding. - Fertility,conception pregnancy and birth experts Zita West offer a holistic and integrated approach. Supplements like VItal DHA with Omega 3 and creams to help with pregancy and post natal recovery.
  • http://www.expressyourselfmums.co.uk/Troll Troll Bedside Crib and Cot for safe co-sleeping. - Troll Bedside Crib and Trol Bedside Cot for comfortable and safe co-sleeping. Troll bedside crib makes breastfeeding at night easier and more comfortable.
  • http://www.expressyourselfmums.co.uk/Spanx Spanx smoothes your figure, flattens your tummy and powerfully transforms your figure. - Spanx styles you perfectly smooth and shape you in all the right places. Spanx is the perfect piece to wear underneath for postnatal women if needing to wow.
  • http://www.expressyourselfmums.co.uk/Skip-Hop Skip Hop changing bags and lunch bags - Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies and Zoo Mitts are popular with children, as is the Skip Hop Pronto, Duo and Dash changing bag. Playspot tiles and Bin-Go storage bags for happy playing.

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  • Ladd Anderson - IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP!

    Don't make the critical mistake I did after my fishing boat capsized, and MAKE SURE THE REST OF TOOL IS COMPLETELY CLOSED BEFORE ACTIVATING THE INFLATABLE LIFE RAFT FUNCTION!

  • Daniel Smith - The instructions are not very good. We had to Youtube several questions/issues that we ...

    I got this for my wife for her birthday. She was so excited to try a french manicure with this set. Admittedly we are first time air brush users but here is what we found with this set. The instructions are not very good. We had to Youtube several questions/issues that we had to get this working correctly. The paint is all water based paint. So if you are doing your nails it will wash off the first time you wash your hands. We probably need some more practice but the kit does not easily work for a french manicure. You can use the patterns that come with the set pretty easily but that's about it.

  • Sarah Fenly - Best infuser bottle!

    So happy with my infuser water bottle!! The absolute best feature is that the center infuser goes all the way down to the bottom of the bottle!! My other few infuser bottles, the center infuser wand only goes half way down the bottle. Will definitely buy another one in the future!

  • Gabrielle Serges Gafford - Good alternative to hair clubs

    I have been using this product for years. It is a good alternative to joining a hair club or expensive programs. I notice after even 1 month or so long straight hair sticking up out of my head. Most people's hair will fall out faster once you start using it which is stated in the instructions. My hair is thinning and falling out on the top and front, but the sides are fine. This product does only work on the crown of your head, it does not grow hair on the front. It also says that in the instructions so I was not expecting that anyway. The price is also better on Amazon than at brick and mortar retail stores.

  • Likes service - Great for achieving a healthier feminine pH

    This is specially good for post-menopausal women as the lack ok estrogen can increase feminine pH. Rephresh is a good way to maintain a more acidic feminine pH in between topical dosages of prescription estradiol. Although prescription estradiol does lower feminine pH, the ph level never gets down to the normal low range seen in healthy reproductive women. A more acidic feminine pH is though to be consistent with a healthier profile of microbes, some of which also contribute to a more acidic pH. Using Rephresh augments the effect of using estradiol. pH decrease with Rephresh is temporary and mroe transient if used without prescription estradiol.

  • Rye R - Seemed promising...stick with Gerber

    Disappointed. When product arrived the box it was in was crushed. I picked it up and the bottle fell out. They sent it in a padded envelope. Not enough protection. I've only used this product once so far. I had to shake it a lot to get it to mix. When I gave the 5 drops to my 2 1/2 month old baby I noticed there were very tiny hard balls, gritty. Uhhhh not something I want to be putting in my babies mouth. A few min after I gave the drops he spit up. Next time I'll stick with Gerber drops. More expensive but seem to be better quality.