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  • Echodriver - A Must-Read for Patriots

    This book details the specific progression of the ongoing and accelerating growth of government control over the lives of US citizens and the reasons for it. It provides substantiated evidence of the possible-becoming-probable demise of freedom under the guise of increased safety and security.

  • JAMES B. REED - This Product Still Meets My Needs

    I had been using TaxCut for a number of years before the name was changed to H&R Block At Home. After the name was changed to H&R Block At Home, I still continued to use it. I think that it gets a little better each year. It is simple to use, easy to follow, it works well and it meets my needs. In the 2012 version, you still get 5 Federal e-Files. This is really more than I need. Who really needs more than one e-file (unless someone is doing taxes for their entire family)? I usually purchase the H&R Block H&R Block At Home Deluxe + State. I would recommend it to others.

  • Jeremy R. - Good Taste & Seems To Be Working

    After a recent doctor visit I knew I had to change things and I figured starting with a good tea detox would be the way to go. I just recently started taking this and can say the taste is good and it does seem to curb my appetite. Also, I do have a lot of energy when I take the daytime blend. I have only dropped a couple of pounds since I started taking this (I have only been taking it for a few days). As the 30 days nears I will come back and post my results. I received this item at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Patricia Nickison - it doesn't work

    I know it only cost me a couple of dollars but it didn't work for some reason. I will now have to order another one for more money.

  • William Merritt - Don't miss the exploits of the Gallagher family!

    This is a great series! Expect the unexpected. Survival in Urban Chicago by a gritty and tough family with a scumbag father who is always trying to come up with the next scam to avoid work. It is very well written and very funny but the sad part is that it is closer to reality than most people realize!

  • Ro Can - Be warned

    I like the meter fine, when it works. First big problem: Ive never been able to get control solution, even after 3 requests. Second big problem: the battery lasts less than one week (!) and customer service has not been helpful at all. They have not answered my last email (which gave them information they requested to solve the battery problem) and phone support is non-existent. (There is a phone number, but its always "under maintenance," voice-mailboxes are full, and menu choices are garbled. I have other iHealth products that are terrific, and their current app update (iPhone) finally works as it should. Id like this meter to work, since I have lots of strips. But I'm not holding my breath.

  • Source4all(dot)com - Easy Transition

    If you've worked in VS2005 or VS2008, you'll find this to be easier. The data tools are great, the web tools are pretty good. Not sure why so many "hate the new look and layout"... Is it ugly? YES. Is it easy to navigate? YES. Once you find everything you are used to using, VS2012 is great. I'm a moderately-skilled programmer dealing mostly in VB.NET (for data), ASP.NET and web work. I found these tools to be well thought out and easy to figure out. If you haven't upgraded, you should. Beware, if you have a lot of legacy programs in 2005/2008, you should read about backward-compatibility issues.