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  • Tink - Not sure why so many bad reviews. THIS is AMAZING

    Not sure why so many bad reviews. THIS is AMAZING. I have tried several different options for facial hair removal ,by far this is the best. On my upper lip and chin hair I get a baby butt smooth finish make sure you do not use the flat head for these 2 places and yo uwill get a perfect face. The straight edge is good for arms, toes, knees. You must get the correct angle and go slow. It also worked great on my bikini area and so far I have had no itching in that area or razor bumps. I say a must purchase ladies

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    After going to several stores here all were out of this product so ordering it online was great. The price was so competitive. Makes more sense to order again when I need it. I liked how the product was packaged as no leaking etc.