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  • Lienkie - impressive

    It DOES work. Without doing the tissue test, my impatience is sadly legendary and can be costly (stupidity then), it held up and did not allow water to leak in. I bought it with the intentions of using it when snorkeling to take photos, but it is sadly not to be for me. I think the pressure from the water causes the sensors to ignore the touch screen function. Swimming in 3 feet of water meant a very dry phone (YAY!!), but no pictures. Pictures from above the water were stunning though and not affected, which is why I think water pressure may have played a part in not being able to take photos under the surface. I would recommend it though, if you want to keep your phone nicely dry...

  • ZoneIII - Not impressed.

    After reading reviews of this product, I decided to try it on my lawn mower engine. There's a YT video where someone does a similar test. (It's an excellent video!) However, I didn't get the same results. I first inspected the piston for carbon build-up before using this product as recommended (and as done in the video mentioned above) but, unlike that video, I saw no difference in the carbon deposits after using Sea Foam. My inspection was done with a fiber optic camera as was done in the video.

  • E.R. Andrzejewski - Looks like factory; easy to install and worked great!

    The bars were very easy to install on my 2015 Toyota Hylander XLE. The bars look like the original Toyota bars; we used him to install a Thule cargo box for a vacation trip and everything works flawlessly

  • Ryan Hernalsteen - If you're like me, you hate having to scrub and scrub ...

    If you're like me, you hate having to scrub and scrub to get your floor mats clean. I bought these for my new truck, and my life is so much easier. Now I just vacuum the mats and the area around them, wipe the mats down, and my floor is good to go. These are well worth the money!