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  • Jake - CLEP is the Worst Experience of My Life

    CLEP is Absolutely Horrible!! You have to fill-out reams of Surveys, as you're Enrolling for it. They want your blood-type, your Parent's Maiden names, any Secret fetishes you have, as well as quite possibly your first born, before you are ever allowed to take it. Minimally-invasive went completely out the door. Will make you Late, if you're trying to enroll at home, thinking that it'll just take a few minutes, or a reasonable amount of time. Such is Not the case, with the CLEP. Also, when you get done, you have to fill-out an extenuating Survey—once again---in which they ask you quite possibly a billion questions, holding you Ransom, before allowing you to Finish the Test. If you are in a hurry, or have a Compressed Schedule, that does Not concern them. I would say, Forget about the CLEP, altogether. They are Not interested in if you are a working person, or have Family, they are only there to waste your time. As in the case of the English Exam, you will not get to see any of your Results, anyway, and they will hold you in Suspense for several weeks, wondering the Results of their deplorable Test. Their endless non-sensical, pointless and utterly-time consuming, confusing going nowhere Voicemail System will give you Migraines, even if you've Never suffered from them, before. You will most certainly not get any help there, anyway, and will hang-up the Phone in utter frustration and desperation. You may even become Socially-Isolated, after that Traumatic Experience that is their Voicemail system. Their pdf "Master The CLEP" is the only Adobe Acrobat document ever created by man which does not have Clickable-Links in the Table-of-Contents. Basically, I'd much more enjoy being Waterboarded, a thousand times over than to ever have to put Myself through that tremendously Traumatic experience, Ever Again, that which is the College Board's CLEP program.

  • todd hazzard - Awesome product!!!

    The price is right & it works very well. If you have had a wireless card failure or you would like to modify an older computer, this is a good investment. Works with Ubuntu also.

  • Bitsy - Inconsistency in product on reorders..

    I loved the first bottle of Hair Loss Shampoo from this company (justnaturalskincare). It stopped my hair loss totally in about 5 weeks (2 shampoos per week). I ordered more and gave the last 1/3 of my shampoo to a friend who was losing her hair, also. To my surprise, the company sent a totally different shampoo for Hair Loss...the same label was on the new bottle of shampoo. The bottle was not the same either. The original order was a milky shampoo after shaking the bottle. The second order was a clearish thick shampoo that could not be shaken. I emailed customer service at(justnaturalskincare.com)telling them about this, and they responded saying that because it was "hand mixed" each batch was different, and "have a nice day". This is total BS. The shampoo should be exactly the same or bear some resemblance to the first product, but it does not. I called "customer service" twice, but no one was there to answer my call to address my questions. Customer service could only answer questions about shipping and billing--if you can even talk to someone. I am pretty sure I won't be ordering again from this company even though I loved the shampoo. I'll have to think long and hard about it....I hope they read this review.

  • W. D. Leeper - A decent grinder for the average coffee drinker

    I bought this as a gift but have had time to use it at the recipients home. The recipients really like the unit and have been very happy with it. I am sure they would probably five stars. I give it 4 because for several reasons. First, the lid on the pull out grounds container attracts the finer particles and they cling slightly to the lid. When you pull it off some usually fall off onto the counter. Second, the markings on the grind coarseness wheel are only marked in pretty broad increments. You have to watch what you are doing to get it back to the preferred setting if someone changes it.

  • Rosers McGee - Well constructed duffle bag made useless without a shoulder strap

    I generally love Timbuk2 bags as they're thoughtfully designed, well constructed, and add a splash of color. This bag meets two of those criteria but is a miss on the third. I bought this to replace my aging Adidas gym bag and it seems to fit the bill in every way - the compartment on the bottom to store shoes is excellent, the multiple front pockets to hold brushes and whatnot are perfect, and the main compartment is spacious for whatever you may need.