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Fertility Center: Dallas, Texas - (Care) Center for Assisted Reproduction: IVF Infertility Treatment - The Center for Assisted Reproduction, a fertility center near Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, has been offering infertility treatment since 1989. Learn about in vitro fertilization (IVF), egg donation (and info for egg donors), preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), and more from the fertility specialists at this Texas fertility center.

  • http://www.embryo.net/contact Contact the Center for Assisted Reproduction in Bedford and Frisco, Texas - Contact the Center for Assisted Reproduction, CARE Fertility, for answers to your questions about infertilty and infertility treatment.
  • http://www.embryo.net/fertility-center Fertility Treatment Dallas, Texas: The Center for Assisted Reproduction, Bedford and Frisco - The Center for Assisted Reproduction offers fertility treatments to patients in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area. Treatments include, egg donation, in vitro fertilization (IVF), preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), tubal reversal and more.
  • http://www.embryo.net/fertility-testing Fertility Testing - Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas at the Center for Assisted Reproduction - The Center for Assisted Reproduction (CARE Fertility) offers fertility tests such as semen analysis, hormone testing, and more in North Texas.
  • http://www.embryo.net/fertility-cost Infertility Treatment Cost - Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas - Learn about the cost of different types of fertility treatments available at the Center for Assisted Reproduction, located near Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Find information on in vitro fertilization (IVF) cost, tubal reversal cost, iui cost, fertility testing prices, and more.
  • http://www.embryo.net/patient-support Patient Support - Patients are often puzzled when their physician suggests a psychological consultation.  Some even misinterpret the referral to mean that the doctor believes that they are to blame for their infertility -- the problem is "all in their head."  Let me assure you, this is completely false.  Research has clearly demonstrated that infertility patients experience high levels of emotional distress, and levels rise as the intensity and duration of treatment increases.
  • http://www.embryo.net/fertility-preservation Fertility Preservation: Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas - Semen / Embryo Cryopreservation and Storage - The Center for Assisted Reproduction provides fertility preservation, including semen and embryo cryopreservation and storage at our facilities near Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.
  • http://www.embryo.net/fertility-center/our-success Infertility Statistics: Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas - Center for Assisted Reproduction - Read the latest infertility statistics from our Dallas, Fort Worth-area clinic and find information on different infertility treatments, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), preimplantation genetic diagnosis, and egg donation in the North Texas area.
  • http://www.embryo.net/treatment-options/tubal-reversal Tubal Reversal: Texas - Tubal ligation reversal offers an excellent opportunity for couples to expand or start a family.  The tubal reversal procedure offers a less costly alternative to in vitro fertilization.  In addition, it allows couples the opportunity to conceive in a natural way – without the requirement for fertility drug use and additional worry of a multiple pregnancy. 
  • http://www.embryo.net/patient-support/stress-management Stress Management Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas: Stress Management advice from CARE - Learn about in vitro fertilization, IVF, from the Dallas fertility specialists at the Center for Assisted Reproduction. We provide comprehensive IVF services from our offices in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, contact our office to schedule a consultation with our physicians.
  • http://www.embryo.net/fertility-doctors Fertility Specialists: Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas - Meet the Doctors at CARE - Our fertility specialists provide services for Dallas, Fort Worth, Bedford, and cities throughout North Texas. Find information about the infertility specialists at the Center for Assisted Reproduction - Kevin J. Doody, MD, Kathleen M. Doody MD, and Anna Chan Nackley MD.
  • http://www.embryo.net/video/player/52382-your-first-visit Fertility Treatment Consultation Dallas, Texas - What to Expect - Your initial fertility treatment consultation at our Dallas, Texas center will consist of several things. First, you will meet with one of our reproductive nurses, and she will take your intake history and review your records. Second, a physician will spend time reviewing your history and discussing various treatment and diagnostic options that you may be best suited for. Third, our specialists will perform a comprehensive exam, evaluating your physical health. Fourth, you will undergo a pelvic exam and ultrasound. And lastly, a physician will address any questions that you may have, including those regarding treatment and financial or billing issues.
  • http://www.embryo.net/video/player/52418-in-vitro-fertilization IVF Dallas, Texas - Fort Worth Fertility Treatment at CARE - IVF is the most aggressive treatment offered at our Dallas, Fort Worth area fertility centers to couples who suffer from infertility. Based on countless studies, IVF is also recognized as the most effective and efficient treatment.
  • http://www.embryo.net/video/player/52422-fertility-preservation Fertility Preservation Dallas, Texas - Fort Worth Fertility Treatment at CARE - One of the most common ways to preserve fertility is through the cryogenic freezing and storage of semen or embryos. Fertility preservation at our Fort Worth, Dallas area reproductive center is ideal for patients who must undergo cancer therapy, want to become pregnant later in life, or for some other reason want to preserve the health of viable eggs and sperm.
  • http://www.embryo.net/video/player/52420-egg-donation Egg Donor Dallas, Texas - Fort Worth Egg Donation and Preservation - Women who are unable to conceive due to an inability to produce viable eggs can undergo fertility treatment using donor eggs. Egg donation at our Fort Worth, Dallas area center allows a woman to carry her own child through a donor egg that has been implanted into her uterus and mixed with her partner’s sperm.
  • http://www.embryo.net/video/player/52388-dr-kevin-doody Obstetrician & Gynecologist Dallas, Texas - Fertility Specialist at CARE - Dallas, Texas obstetrician and gynecologist Kevin Doody is committed to offering superior medical care to patients who suffer from infertility issues. For the last two decades, Dr. Doody has been making couples’ dreams of having a family a reality.
  • http://www.embryo.net/video/player/52386-dr-kathy-doody Fertility Specialist Dallas, Texas - Dr. Kathy Doody - Dr. Kathy Doody is a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist at the Center for Assisted Reproduction. The fertility specialist in Dallas, Texas is continually honored for her medical professionalism, technical knowledge of her field, skills, and the contributions she makes to her community by playing an active role in its growth.
  • http://www.embryo.net/video/player/52390-dr-anna-nackley Board Certified Fertility Specialist Dallas, Texas - Dr. Anna Nackley - Dr. Anna Nackley is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and sub-specialty board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. As a board-certified fertility specialist, Dr. Nackley has been able to help many men and women bring a little miracle into the world. With a common goal in mind, Dr. Nackley works with her patients to formulate a fertility treatment program that is safe and effective.
  • http://www.embryo.net/video/player/52360-a-center-that-is-patient-centered Our Patient-centered Center - Fertility Treatment Center Dallas, Texas - The team at our fertility treatment center, located in Dallas, Texas, provides each patient with individualized care and attention. Every treatment that we offer is tailored to each patient's needs, desires, and medical history. By treating patients as part of our extended family, we are able make their experience a positive, memorable one.
  • http://www.embryo.net/fertility-preservation/egg-donation Egg Donor Dallas, Texas - Egg Donation, Donor Eggs Information - Fort Worth - CARE Fertility offers an egg donor program in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area for fertility patients who are unable to conceive using their own eggs. Learn more about our egg donation program by contacting CAR directly.

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  • Donald L. Kendzierski - Very nice cover, and covers hatchback area nicely

    Very nice cover, and covers hatchback area nicely. Fits well into brackets so it stays attached to the hatchback and extends outward and upward when hatch is opened. Have had it for about one month so I can't comment yet on long-term durability.

  • Mabsies - Galaxy S7 Edge Case by Spigen®

    I love the strength and durability of the Galaxy S7 Edge Case by Spigen®! It has really saved my phone from the every day casual drops. I appreciate that it is very thin and does not effect the function of the buttons as others I have tried have in the past. It was very easy to apply and has so far worked very effectively to provide the additional protection I desire. My phone very easily clips into the wallet and I am able to slide my cards and or money into the slots so I need not bring my entire purse on a short trip to the store!

  • Scarlett - I was a little disappointed at first

    I wanted this iron for sooooo long so I had really high expectations when I first got it. I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointed at first. This definitely takes time to learn. TYME has a Facebook page and YouTube channel with tons of great instructional videos that will show you all different curl types and tips for success. If you put the "tyme" ;) into it, you'll see big results! And by big results, I mean big hair- let's be real, that's the dream!

  • onthegokimber - Good app

    Pretty good app. Let's you know what state the caller is from before answering. Helps to filter spam caller.

  • Bob L. - A must-have for your bathroom

    This stuff really works. One or two sprays onto the water and no matter how big a lot you drop in there, all you smell is the fresh scent of potpourri. We have tested it extensively and it really works perfectly well. The instructions call for 4 to 6 sprays before you (in an empty toilet, i.e. no paper in there) but I found that to be much more than necessary, it really ids that powerful. We are now down to one spray before each use and it works great for you. YMMV I highly recommend it. Put it in your bathroom along with a small sign for your guests so they know how to use it. trust me, they will be happy to not stink up your place especially when there is a crowd there.

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    A three-hanky psychological thriller. I was totally surprised by the last few chapters. The ending was perfect. Sad but perfect.

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