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Clinical Skin Care Products | Elite Therapeutics - Founded by a radiation oncologist, Elite Therapeutics offers products for daily hydration, advanced anti-aging skincare and powerful clinical relief for cancer patients. Order online, find a nearby retailer or learn more here.

  • https://www.elitetherapeutics.com/about/ Elite Therapeutics Skin Care - Elite Therapeutics is a clinical skincare company dedicated to delivering true and visible results. Developed for his patients by Dr. Kevin Schewe.
  • https://www.elitetherapeutics.com/about/science-meets-beauty/ Science Meets Beauty - Elite Therapeutics - The science behind healthy, beautiful skin. Elite Therapeutics contains results driven proprietary blends.
  • https://www.elitetherapeutics.com/about/cancer-care/ Skin Care for Cancer Patients | Elite Therapeutics - Elite Therapeutics offers protection and relief to the skin during chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Learn more here.
  • https://www.elitetherapeutics.com/products/ Vitamin E Skin, Hair & Body Products | Elite Therapeutics - Elite Therapeutics products are clinically proven, paraben-free, cruelty-free, safe for all skin types and effective against aging, illness and environmental damage. Learn more here.
  • https://www.elitetherapeutics.com/products/hair-and-body/ Sulfate Free Hair Care Products | Natural Hair & Skincare Line - Elite Therapeutics offers natural products for hair and skin. Try our sulfate-free hair care products and all-natural, physician formulated skin cars today!
  • https://www.elitetherapeutics.com/products/anti-aging/ Anti-Aging Products | Anti-Aging Skincare & Face Creams - Elite Therapeutics provides anti-aging products and skincare. Shop our anti-aging products today for long term healing effects.
  • https://www.elitetherapeutics.com/products/skin-care/ Paraben Free Skincare | Natural Skincare Products - Elite Therapeutics has many paraben free skin care products. Our natural skin care line offers vitamin e and restorative qualities that heal the skin. Try our paraben free skin care today!
  • https://www.elitetherapeutics.com/products/healing-gifts/ Radiation Burn Cream | Chemotherapy Skincare & Scar Treatment - Elite Therapeutics provides scar treatment and radiation burn cream. Our chemotherapy skin care treats scars and rejuvenates the skin after radiation. Try our healing products today!
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  • https://www.elitetherapeutics.com/products/elite-premier-creme Anti-Aging Cream with Vitamin E | Elite Therapeutics Premier Crème - A potent blend of vitamins, active botanicals and advanced formulations delivers deep, immediate, healing on contact and ongoing nourishment for long-term results. Learn more about Premier Crème by Elite Therapeutics here.
  • https://www.elitetherapeutics.com/products/anti-aging/elite-platinum-creme/ Targeted Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream | Elite Therapeutics Platinum Crème - Luxurious, eye and facial crème designed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while boosting skin's natural elasticity and youthful radiance. Learn More about Platinum Crème by Elite Therapeutics here.

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  • ChicagoGal84 - This book is truly awesomely Luvvie

    Luvvie is a laugh riot on her blog and her first book (congrats, girl!) is no different. Razor sharp wit in her essays that range from the frivolous to the serious. Long-time fans will be more than pleased and new-comers will not be disappointed with their discovery.

  • J Money - May be for some but not for me

    It depends on your genetics so it seems, through much research, and not right for me. I stuck with it for 2 years and didn't see any difference, in fact, my hair loss continued unabated. It may help some so I don't want to negate hope because everyone is different. A weird side effect for me, I had trouble sleeping when I used it. Could be correlative and not causative, but I slept better after I stopped using it.

  • virgospell - Not so much ...

    Thought I'd try this because it received glowing reviews here on Amazon. However, it's going in the trash because it left my 5 month old daughter's hair greasy. Also, it stated on the bottle to avoid getting in baby's eyes as it will sting. That alone made baby's bathtime stressful for me and my husband. I will go back to using California Baby fragrance free shampoo which works great. I was just trying to find a shampoo that smelled nice since my husband misses the scent of our baby's head after using Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo. We stopped using J&J immediately after we read it contained harmful ingredients.

  • Richard Russell II - Incredibly easy to install

    Incredibly easy to install! I always feared putting the film protection on because it would be slightly off or there would be bubbles. I put this one on, saw it was off a bit, pulled it off, readjusted it, and reapplied with zero problems. There are videos provided on YouTube for help and it really is fool proof. I noticed the stylus did not work at first, which is huge for me because I do a lot of work on this with the stylus, but after 2 minutes, the stylus worked without any problems. There is a slight raised edge, but I am using the leather pro case and with the covering of the sides so I do not notice at all. Regardless of what the description says, yes you will get fingerprints, but these clean off with the micro fiber cloths included in the package.

  • bodenmama4 - A little challenging for little hands

    I originally purchased these for my twin 4 year old sons to use at their big brother's Nerf birthday party. They were very excited about them, and I like the overall design and the fact that there are only three darts for them to worry about (read: shoot at me at one time. I can easily retaliate before they have time to reload). The only bummer was, the way you have to pull down on the bottom of the gun to prime it, was a little difficult for them. They aren't wimpy little guys either, but it required a little more strength and grasping ability than they possessed. As we have had them a little longer, they are getting more adept at using them, one of them managed to sneak up on their big brother last week, which they were fairly excited about. These guns have been left outside for days on end, and so far still work just fine. My husband just found one hidden in the weeds he was weed eating, and with the exception of fading from the sun, it still worked. Some of the other, more expensive guns we have had in the past warped from the sun and wouldn't shoot properly. All in all, I think these are a great little toy for the younger crowd, just be forewarned you may be asked repeatedly to help them at first.