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Elena Ocher Medical - Elena Ocher Medical | Pain Management, Migraine Treatment, Physical Therapy, Plastic Surgery, Anti-Aging and Cosmetics - Elena Ocher Medical Specializes in pain management, migraine treatment, physical therapy, plastic surgery, anti-aging & cosmetics

  • http://www.elenaochermedical.com/about-us.html Elena Ocher Medical | About - Elena Ocher Medical - Elena Ocher Medical specializes in pain management, migraine and headache treatment, physical and manual therapy, plastic surgery, gastroenterology, anti-aging and cosmetics.
  • http://www.elenaochermedical.com/expertise.html Elena Ocher Medical | Expertise - Elena Ocher Medical - Elena Ocher Medical specializes in pain management, migraine and headache treatment, physical and manual therapy, plastic surgery, gastroenterology, anti-aging and cosmetics
  • http://www.elenaochermedical.com/pain-management.html Elena Ocher Medical | Pain Management - Elena Ocher Medical - Patients and physicians have always searched for less invasive and risky alternatives to surgical management of pain. Our team will help you manage your pain and maximize your active lifestyle.
  • http://www.elenaochermedical.com/migraine--headaches.html Elena Ocher Medical | Migraine and Headache Treatment - Elena Ocher Medical - A migraine headache can cause intense throbbing, or pulsing in one area of the head and is commonly accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. We will determine if you are a surgical candidate and create a treatment prog

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  • Upstream - where is the support

    Autocad does not support their product. I called them on an install question after searching high and low for thrir number. I was told to call a reseller for support of Autocads product. I had a technical question and they refused to help me after i just purchased $5000 of their software. Autocad support sucks assuming you can find it.

  • Bevanurse2u - outstanding product

    if you have hair issues this is the product to buy. Worth the money. and you will definetly see results in a short time especially effective for ethnic hair.

  • QTpieLinZ - Small and fits everything

    I bought the MAP and it was huge. I sent it back and got this one. It is a lot smaller. It fits on my book shelf. It has fit all the quarters we've collected so far. Can't wait for the rest to come out.

  • diamond417 - Smells great but dries out hair

    I have long, fine hair and usually use a conditioner that stays on for 2-3 minutes. I usually use tresseme (any kind) and never have issues with tangling. This conditioner makes my hair feel squeaky and I always have a horrible time trying to comb it after the shower. It does smell amazing, however! But since I'm reluctant to finish up the bottle I can only give it 3 stars. This might work for you, though.

  • lisak - A five because it works

    I bought this for my teenage daughter with severe acne on her back and mild but continuous acne on her face. We have tried many products: Proactive body wash, panoxyl, clean and clear, Neutrogena with AHA, and doxycycline from her doctor with minimal results and harsh drying of the skin. I bought Lerosett for the free trial off the web site. The results for the first three weeks: her face is completely clear even the little red spots or scars are healed. Her skin is beautiful. And her back is about 60% healed with use of 1 x day and 5x per week. Nothing we have used has produced a result even close to this. I am sure with more consistent use the results would be even more impressive. This product works....worth every penny. No drying or flaking of the skin. The only side effect is clear skin. I read a lot of reviews and frequent complaints about the price. I would pay it because of the results but with a little searching I found the Rhassoul clay (the main ingredient) very inexpensive by the pound and mix it yourself. We mix ours with Aloe Vera Juice.