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  • Eric - Great for what I needed

    I don't listen to radio much. iPod pandora etc.. Just wanted small antenna. Looks great. Decent reception on stations I do listen to

  • Big Perm' - Best shampoo

    I like this shampoo because it keeps my pitbull from drying out and he has really sensitive skin. It also seems to keep him smelling better longer than any other shampoo have ever tried.

  • john - Useful

    It's a lot smaller then I thought but it sure does the job. The towel is very absorbant and soft. I use then when hiking and just stap them on my bag. They make for an excellent sweat towel. I've also used when swimming and use it when coming in and out of a pool to avoid getting my actual drying towel soaked. I know it's just a simple towel but try buying a towel of this material in any larger of a size. Heck even this size will cost you a bit. This is just a nice alternative and a decent price. Recommended.

  • ChrisC - Not sure yet

    I received this about a month ago, and really have not had a chance to actually use the program and get the most out of it. My son has used this product and he loves it, because it will give you a precise map of the locations that you want to visit. Yes, I know there is a little thing called GPS, and I do use it, but I use it on my phone and just watch the battery drain down. I am a visual person and I like to see the overall picture of where I am going, and this will provide it for me. So at this time I can not give it a good or bad rating, but I am sure it will do exactly what I want it to do for me.

  • Shanda P - Not For Everyone!

    I've taken Fat Burners in the past and i was little jittery not to bad. But I could only take this product for 2 days. It made me feel sick to my stomach all day long and when it came time to sleep, forget it. I stared at the ceiling all night long for 2 whole nights. 2 days was enough for me and i stopped taking the product.

  • Constantino Tata - Wish I could give it "No stars"

    I was impressed by the speaker at my Rotary Club, saying that his company installed two of the Naviens per week, that they were energy efficient and worked great. That is not true. It took months to get it working right and now, about 15 months after installation, it is still crap. Today it is 5 degrees outside and it has shut down 4 times. It has been serviced 3 times today and thi is not the first time. It cannot handle cold outside temps. This cost $9,200.00 and if the warrenty allowed it, I would switch it back to the old system. Even Navien cannot fix it.

  • Hannah - MUST HAVE for luggage, shipping and storage.

    AMAZING PURCHASE. I had over 100 pounds of clothing to ship across the country and to pack in checked baggage, and these bags were a total life saver!. More than enough bags to fit everything I had, plus a hand pump in case you don't have a vacuum (which also works amazing). No issues with the seals or zip locks, I've reccomended these to so many people!!