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eclipse - Specializing in clinical trials technology and services, Eclipse provides hands on support and aids in delivering high quality clinical trial results.

  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/company-profile Company Profile – eclipse - Eclipse provides technology solutions and data management services to help clients maintain successful clinical trials.
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/support/help-desk Help Desk – eclipse - Contact the Eclipse help desk for technical assistance and services. We are available 24/7 365 days a year to help with any issues you might have.
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/blog Articles – eclipse - Read the latest blog posts from Eclipse Regarding IRT, InForm, CTMS and Other Technologies. Page 1
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/contact-us Contact Us – eclipse - Contact Eclipse for more information on how we can help you manage your clinical trials.
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/approach Approach – eclipse - We use our expertise and proven technology to ensure we reduce risk, increase speed and deliver quality results for our clients every step of the way.
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/clinical-technology Technology Solutions – eclipse - Learn more about clinical technology solutions and the customizable tools that make clinical trial optimization easier and more cost effective.
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/clinical-technology/electronic-data-capture InForm Electronic Data Capture (EDC) – eclipse - The Inform Electronic Data Capture drives efficiency through the data management process and has more successful FDA submissions than any other data architect system. Let us help you succeed!
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/clinical-technology/eclipse-electronic-data-capture-edc Eclipse Electronic Data Capture (EDC) – eclipse - Our certified coding EDC solutions simplify data collection, aggregation, and analytics. They are intuitive, FDA compliant, and scalable with flexible architecture and reporting.
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/clinical-technology/interactive-response-technology Interactive Response Technology (IRT) – eclipse - Eclipse Clinical Technology is your number one provider for all your Interactive Response Technology and EDC solutions for all phases of your clinical trial. Visit us to find out more.
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/clinical-technology/clinical-trial-management Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) – eclipse - Eclipse Clinical Technology's Clinical Trial Management System is a scalable, secure and regulatory compliant cloud-based solution that provides quality monitoring in real-time. Check us out!
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/clinical-technology/clinical-trial-safety Safety – eclipse - Get tailored clinical trial safety consultation and reporting solutions and continue to reduce costs while maintaining quality and efficiency through data management. Contact us to learn more.
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/clinical-technology/coding Coding – eclipse - Eclipse Clinical Technology streamlines the coding process and improves clinical trial coding efficiencies. Code multiple studies simultaneously. Please visit our website for more details.
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/eclipse-mobile Eclipse Mobile – eclipse - Eclipse Mobile. If you would like to explore your mobile software options further please contact one of our Mobile Experts at 603-294-4580
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/clinical-solutions Clinical Solutions – eclipse - The clinical solutions offered by Eclipse will support proactive, ongoing collaboration and help deliver the right solutions to your Clinical Trial
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/clinical-solutions/clinical-trial-data-management Clinical Data Management – eclipse - Eclipse's Clinical Data Management services are always forward thinking so that we can identify and address any potential data issues in your trial.
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/clinical-solutions/biostatistics BioStatistics – eclipse - Work with one of the most highly educated biostatistics departments in the world and receive expert analyses and programming of drug development
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/clinical-solutions/drug-management Drug Management – eclipse - Eclipse's expertise in randomization and drug supply management, a critical element of clinical trials which is time-consuming and challenging.
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/clinical-solutions/clinical-consulting Consulting – eclipse - Eclipse offers clinical trial consulting and can help you tackle the toughest regulatory and technology challenges in your clinical trials.
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/regulatory Regulatory – eclipse - Eclipse Enterprise Solutions. Your Number 1 source in Providing Clinical Trial Technology solutions to Clinical Trials such as EDC, IRT and IDMP.
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/clinical-integration Integrations – eclipse - Eclipse offers a variety of Integration services utilize cutting-edge technology to reduce clinical trial costs and make real-time decisions.
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/clinical-integration/next-gen-sequencing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) – eclipse - Next Generation Sequencing helps address inefficiency of patient screening for biomarkers and duration of responses for targeted drugs.
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/clinical-integration/pharmacogenomics Pharmacogenomics (PGX) – eclipse - Pharmacogenomics can help indicate optimal route, dose and frequency of administration and allows DR's to manage patient medication more effectively
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/clinical-integration/3d-imaging 3D Imaging – eclipse - Eclipse 3D Imaging is an intuitive application designed for diagnostic interpretation as well as for experimental and clinical research.
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/clinical-integration/advanced-big-data-analysis Advanced Big Data Analysis – eclipse - Learn more about the platform that transforms data and enables real-time data collection, integration, standardization and Big Data Analysis
  • http://www.eclipsesol.com/knowledge-central Knowledge Center – eclipse - Eclipse Enterprise Solutions Knowledge Central with Case Studies, White Papers, Key Industry Guidance and Media.

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