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  • Kouper - This product ruined my marriage.

    I met my husband years ago on a blind date at a tropical fruit convention. We instantly hit it off and he soon fell in love with my banana slicing skills, and we were quickly married. Every morning there were perfectly sliced bananas to top his waffles, his cereal, even as garnishes for his eggs. That's why he loved me. My perfectly sliced bananas. We were in wedded bliss. But I was a fraud, I had been using this banana slicer instead of cutting up his bananas perfectly with a knife. Before he woke up I would sneak downstairs and use the Victorio 571B on the bananas, put them on a cutting board, and place a knife next to them and quickly hide the slicer. I loved how he would praise my banana slicing skills to everyone, anytime, even during our romantic embraces.

  • Blaine Roman - Jon Ronson is a much needed nuanced voice in the current sea of hysteria

    A great read from an always thoughtful writer, and a much needed voice in this at times unbelievable election. A must read, especially being free.

  • Mike - Great gloves excepts the fox face

    Great gloves excepts the fox face, velcro straps and fox name that are used as protection from branches have fallen off because the glue is terrible. But overall good for the price.

  • BMil - Looks cheap & unattractive

    Didn't like it. Unrolled it and it looked incredibly cheap, metallic part was all wrinkled. Returned it and instead bought one that folds, which will look much nicer in my brand new car.