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DRUGSCAN Toxicology Monitoring Services - Since 1985, DRUGSCAN® has provided toxicology testing for employers, DOT-mandated programs, law-enforcement agencies, coroners, medical examiners, substance-abuse clinics, and physicians treating patients with specific pain medication.

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  • RedLDM - Great product and price!

    I used this product when out in the redwoods for a few days and sleeping outside. It totally kept the bugs away, and I returned home without any bites. Highly recommended!

  • salt of the earth - the science is correct, and it soaps up well, with one pump going a long way, but worried about all the chemicals in it.

    I have to say that it does make one's skin feel great upon first washing. It feels tingly and clean...and the science of the vitamin c is sound I suppose..the rosehip oil is a known skin treatment and thus should help with dryness as women have been using rosehip oil for over 100 years for just this purpose.

  • Vera M - Boy Meets Girl

    Another fantastic book by Willow Winters and Lauren Landish!! The books these two write together and separately are phenomenal romances that leave you panting for more!!!

  • Rosemary Smith - Australian Dream works !!

    I put it on and the pain was cut by more than half and it lasted a long time. No pills...no pain...works for me.....

  • Mz. Mystery Shopper - BEST & Easiest WiFi Extender

    We were in need of a Wifi Extender for one of our vacation rentals and we were just unsure of which product to purchase as there were several available on the market. We ended up choosing the JCG AC600 do to its scalability up to 5g.

  • Ginger Girl - Great but $$$

    On super humid, hot NYC days can make my head feel a touch itchy. Other than that I LOVE this product!!! Had really camouflaged my very overall thin hair ( thanks mum and dad)!!! Notice it most in the front where my hair is very see thru. I use the Auburn which is a good match to my natural colour. Can be a touch yo dark in summer when the sun lightens my hair a bit. Otherwise, will be using it for as long as possible. One last thing, I wish it were a bit cheaper seeing as how I have to use a large amount ( in my opinion) each time. Since getting back my hair is sadly unlikely this is the next best thing. 😍

  • Aphotog - Disappointed--not a true disk image

    One would think that backup software named True Image would create an accurate image of your computer disk. But it doesn't. Buried three menu levels deep is a list of files that it excludes by default from even a disk image backup. Some like hiberfil.sys can generally be ignored without problem, but also included is the Chrome/User directory. So no Chrome cookies or user settings are restored. If Acronis is not actually making a true disk image, what else is it hiding from me? Also, I had to type my encryption password four times during a test restore before it was recognized. Maybe I mis-typed it the first time, but not twice after that. Having done more than a few restores from backup in the past 35 years, I have to have absolute trust in the backup software I use. Acronis falls far short of earning that trust.