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  • Jim Parker - Only buy this if you love Mexican food. Best. Salsa. Ever.

    I live in San Antonio, so I'm required by law to eat Mexican food. This is great salsa... the only kind I buy! Enjoy it.

  • Brenda Angomar - It came clean and intact and the stories are great!

    I had to get this for an ENC class and even after the class I love the book and want to finish reading the stories for myself.

  • Average Consumer 123 - Unacceptable

    I purchased this book to see if I could take my toilet seat business international. After several showings on the "Shark Tank", Kevin O'Leary decided to sue me for getting festering splinters in his tuchas. I just don't understand it. I waxed, sanded, and polished every single one of my seats, and yet the wood grain took a disliking to his paisley buttocks. Distraught, and flabbergasted, I stormed off the set. In a fit of rage I cracked the seat in half....unknowingly creating the best invention known to man, the "halfassed seat"...Not only does it look aerodynamic, but it surprisingly cures constipation. Now, I'm no doctor, or businessman, or professional, or lawyer but this has got to be a hot commodity overseas, so I decided to sell it to the Chinese (after all, they've given us so many quality products over the years and I need to return the favor). I bought this book to see what my chances were for selling such an item...Going on the advice of what's in the book, I made the leap to sell the "halfassed" toilet seat in China. Kevin O'Leary saw what a marketable product I had, recommended that I install a clock radio, and USB charging port, and offered me $1000 for 100% of the company. Unfortunately we made this deal when I was drunk and I kept staring at his shiny head, like a deer in headlights. Now, shamed by the opportunity I missed, I work as a Wall street banker selling stocks and bonds, and IPhones on the side. I dream of the glorious life opportunity I could have had with my toilet seat.

  • LibraDiva - To each it's own

    My hair absolutely loves this product. Am relaxed and I use it to moisturize nightly and seal with Rose oil and wrap my hair with a silk scarf and let me tell you all I do in the a.m. is unwrap and style. Plus the scent is heavenly. even after a work out my hair smells great.

  • william wambach - It is safe to say that this crap doesn't work at all

    I found a 4 foot rattlesnake laying directly on the pellets less than 24 hours after installation. It is safe to say that this crap doesn't work at all. What a waste of money.

  • Paradox - Master Brain is a great product for people like me who seem to get ...

    Master Brain is a great product for people like me who seem to get easily distracted sometimes by squirrels and shiny things. Ok, so maybe these animated ads that constantly coerce you to buy things is more likely the culprit, but that’s beside the point. If you are someone who juggles multiple projects on a daily basis, and could use more clarity I would recommend you trying Master Brain.

  • senoria gibson - A wonderful intense drak love story!

    This is an amazing book! I could not put it down till the end. Hayley and Luke have am incredibly strong love for each other and are willing to fight for it. Will keep you wondering who the killer is.