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  • Sara Zeek - Working Well!

    We are renting an old house that takes on water in the basement resulting in a nasty, musty smell that was driving me nuts. The landlord has no interest in solving his moisture problem so I was looking for a fix for the time we will be living here. I put two buckets in the basement along with a baking soda tablet and a week later I have noticed a definitive difference in the damp, musty feel and the smell is gone. I'm really happy!

  • Alex Li - I decided that the "Tournament edition stealth" would be a better solution (he shares an "office" space with my parents ...

    I bought this for my brother who had just recently built a gaming computer (which can be used for other things but, as it remains, is mainly used for video games and homework). He originally wanted the "full" original version of this keyboard but seeing as his desk is smaller than what you'd expect, I decided that the "Tournament edition stealth" would be a better solution (he shares an "office" space with my parents as he's still in high school). It's a great keyboard and a lovely typing experience.

  • PR Expert - Disappointed with serious side effects

    Xyngular is NOT for everyone. Both my wife and Inhad severe reaction to the Cheat product. My wife almost ended up in hospital with very severe lower abdomen pain. Same thing happened to me. Stay away - really just another MLM scam

  • C. Shand - Terrible

    I bought Roxio Creator 2009 only two years ago and I was happy with it. Just bought a new computer and found out that Creator 2009 is incompatible with Windows 7. Disappointing. I waited a few weeks for Creator 2011 to come out and bought it. I had no problem loading Roxio Creator 2011. It just wouldn't work once I installed it. VideoWave kept crashing. The program would shut down while encoding movies. When I would try to copy DVDs, I would get an error message saying my disc may be dirty. (The discs I was trying to copy were pristine). The online support forum suggested some fixes, but nothing worked. I returned the software and got my money back.

  • LegallyBrunette - I made a few things on it and it was fine. Does what it is supposed to do

    I bought this when my tenement (ha ha) lost gas for two months and I needed something to cook with besides a microwave and a toaster oven. It's a hot plate. It heats things up. I made a few things on it and it was fine. Does what it is supposed to do. It's a good extra to have in case you run out of stove space or just want to keep something warm

  • Amazon Customer - Work Great,my son loves it!

    I have read all the review ,and what they said about the GPS is ture,u need to keep the phone number in the right form (+1 XXXXXXXXXXXXXX)and update the app on I have tired AT&T and Tmobile,and T mobile as the seller commended is more stable.As i tested the watch ,it can be accurate within 10 meter(if you have good signal).I have purchased a lot GPS watch for my kids,and i have to say this one is the best.My son have destoried a lot of eletronic ,but for now, this watch still work great,and he loves it!