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Plastic Surgery - Oklahoma City, OK - Dr. James Lowe - Dr. James Lowe in Oklahoma City, OK, helps patients achieve a beautiful appearance and boosted confidence through plastic surgery.

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  • Kendall Chapman - Fantastic product and very well priced!

    I really like this product, and the only thing I would change would be to make it a bit thicker on the wrist end, but that's because I have long hands. Otherwise, it's a fabulous product for the price point. Why spend a ton more on the same thing? It's super easy to use, carry along in a laptop bag, and is quite ergonomic. Now, my wrist doesn't hurt after long bouts of gaming, which equals? You guessed it! More gaming! The mouse slides gracefully across the fabric surface and the rubber bottom keeps the pad from sliding around when you least expect it to. Would totally repurchase!

  • Deb Davis Hudak - Great IF you can get it going.

    This works great IF you can get it lighted. I always have my little red charcoal fuel stick combo as a back-up...which never fails me! IF you can get the Zippo to start, it'll get things very warm - almost too hot if you don't use the little sash it comes with. Excellent if you can get it lighted and stay going. Gave it 3 stars because of the lighting.

  • SMAK - I have to hold it onto my blow dryer so ...

    I have to hold it onto my blow dryer so that it doesn't pop off as I am doing my hair. It does not stay in place, but it gets the job done.

  • Katie - Gets way too hot! Beware!!

    This product seemed too good to be true and it is. This iron gets way, way too hot for my hair. I have naturally wavy, thin hair that is dyed at the ends (but in pretty good shape damage-wise). Even trying to "glide" my hair super lightly with the correct motion I could smell my hair cooking- like a half step away from burning. I also use the Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep serum (which is a heat protector) and I have always loved the result on my hair after using heat tools. This iron got so hot it liquified it & left burnt gobs throughout my hair!! I've NEVER had a problem with any other iron, curlers, or straightener!

  • R. Daugherty - Outstanding for the price

    13 knives for 40 bucks,WOW! I've been using mine for 6 months and find them dependable and easy to care for. No, they are not professional quality, but come on kids, they cost 40 dollars. I like the plastic handles, they look good and if they sit in a sink of water too long, or aren't cared for like they should be, it's o.k. 'cause they don't turn into trash. I bake my own bread and the bread knife is outstanding because of the eversharp edge. Well worth every cent if you need an inexpensive set of knives that will tolerate moderate abuse.

  • Tom Braswell - GREAT GOLF BAG

    This bag is lightweigh...6.9 lb....Plenty of pockets for all my stuff. I like the separate slots for my clubs. This bag was just what I was looking for....

  • Kindle Customer - The Best Everyday Utility Knife

    This is almost definitely my favorite knife. I have found this to be the perfect combination of convenience. The blade and tools resist rust and clean very well. All blades and tools lock solidly into place, perhaps a bit too stiff for some users, but the shape makes them easy to grasp and move into the desired position. If all you need is a knife and a screwdriver, this is the best option, being easier and more comfortable to use than any multi-tool I have used. That being said this really isn't a knife for self defense having such a short blade.