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DrDobbin Nutrition | Encouraging the adoption of a healthy diet and lifestyle - Encouraging healthy nutrition and lifestyles. DrDobbin Nutrition is based in Newport Pagnell near Milton Keynes in the UK. Sports nutrition also catered for.

  • http://www.drdobbin.co.uk/eczema Eczema in childhood | DrDobbin Nutrition - Eczema affects an increasing number of children in the Western world. Modern lifestyles are mostly to blame and your genes determine whether you are likely to get it.
  • http://www.drdobbin.co.uk/statins Statins are they healthy | DrDobbin Nutrition - Statins are the most prescribed drug in the UK. However they are getting an increasingly bad press. Should you take them?
  • http://www.drdobbin.co.uk/stress Stress busting | DrDobbin Nutrition - Stress underlies a lot of the problems of modern day society as we struggle to adapt to continual activation of our flight and fight responses.
  • http://www.drdobbin.co.uk/weaning Infant weaning | DrDobbin Nutrition - Which foods can be problematic? What order should new foods be introduced and at what age. These are some of the questions vexing many parents.
  • http://www.drdobbin.co.uk/psoriasis Psoriasis - skin condition | DrDobbin Nutrition - Psoriasis affects around 3% of the population. It can have quite an effect on an individuals quality of life and can increase the risk of other autoimmune conditions.
  • http://www.drdobbin.co.uk/lupus-genetics The genetics of Lupus | DrDobbin Nutrition - Systemic Lupus Erythematosus is an autoimmune condition that occurs in people with a genetic susceptibility for it. It depends also upon certain environmental factor and hormones.
  • http://www.drdobbin.co.uk/consultations Nutrition consultations Newport Pagnell | DrDobbin Nutrition - Descriptions, fees and availability for consultation services on nutrition and nutritional issues with Robin Dowswell of DrDobbin Nutrition Milton Keynes UK.
  • http://www.drdobbin.co.uk/nutrition-lectures Tailor made lectures by Robin Dowswell Newport Pagnell | DrDobbin Nutrition - Descriptions, fees and availability for lecture services on nutrition and nutritional issues with Robin Dowswell of DrDobbin Nutrition in Milton Keynes UK.
  • http://www.drdobbin.co.uk/laboratory-testing Testing and Supplementation Milton Keynes | DrDobbin Nutrition - Descriptions, fees and availability for laboratory testing services regarding nutrition and nutritional issues with Robin Dowswell of DrDobbin Nutrition in Milton Keynes UK.
  • http://www.drdobbin.co.uk/ironman-nutrition Ironman Nutrition Milton Keynes | DrDobbin Nutrition - How to approach an IronMan from a Nutritional point of view in the days and hours before the race as well as what drinks to use, how to mix them correctly and how much you should consume.

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  • Nicole - What a scam...

    This whole line is a joke. Any review with more than 1 star is OBVIOUSLY a person trying to sell this stuff ( hence the email addresses added to the end of the "great" reviews) i paid over $60 for 4 masks and it did absolutely NOTHING to my skin. DON'T waste your hard earned money on this garbage. Everyone is trying to make a buck off this crap and i somehow got roped into it. Ill stick to the SK-II masks they actually work!

  • Carlos Ibanez - Awesome product!!

    The bottle works PERFECT right out of the box. Shipping was swift and the product arrived in perfect condition. Can't wait to use it in the outdoors!!

  • Miranda Laine - Don't waste your money

    Waste of money. The pillowcase smells so good when you receive it but that's gone the first time you wash it.

  • Lilrihrih - Only good for its purpose..keeping the phone safe from water

    The case is good and does its job which is protecting your phone from getting wet, but the other features as far as still being able to talk, text and hear are not very good. I could hear everybody that called me, but they had a hard time hearing me. The plastic part of the case would get stuck to my phone screen which made it difficult for the phone to hang up, it stayed on the whole time, which drained my battery, I had to take the phone out of the case every time to end the call. It worked great to hold extra stuff, money, debit cards, credit cards, change, receipts..etc..and of course keeping the phone dry.