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DocSimon.com internet pharmacy - Internet pharmacy DocSimon : stay at home. Assortment of a classic pharmacy. Healing cosmetics. Medical equipment. A comprehensive care for pregnant and breast-feeding women as well as for children. Baby products. On-line consultancy. Information on drugs. Verified by Visa and MasterCard. Version in CZ, ENG, DE, SK, PL.

  • https://www.docsimon.com/cat/otc-prescription-drugs-and-supplements-of-healthy-nutrition OTC, Prescription drugs - The preparations contain active formulations approved by the higher authority: the State Institute for the Drug Control. These medicinal preparations have proved composition, effectiveness and safety and are clinically tested. Again, the diet supplements are preparations approved by the higher state authority for their health undefectiveness
  • https://www.docsimon.com/cat/cosmetics Cosmetics - The category covering the cosmetic preparations is very extensive. For the better orientation, singular preparations are divided into compact thematic groups. In addition to the medicinal and decorative cosmetics, you will find also the solar cosmetics, child cosmetics, lip-, foot-, hand-, and nail-care preparations here.
  • https://www.docsimon.com/cat/children-newborns-complete-care Children, newborns: complete care - In this category, you will find the whole assortment fro the care of children and newborns, such as drugs, diet supplements, medicinal devices, cosmetics, teas, child nutrition, means of the dental care, and various child ware (bottles, dummies, comforters, thermometers,etc.)
  • https://www.docsimon.com/cat/pregnancy-and-lactation-complete-care Pregnancy and lactation: complete care - In the period of pregnancy and lactation, a woman's body undergoes significant changes; the organism requirements are changing. Therefore, every woman should take care of herself - to secure a sufficient supply of important vitamins and minerals, to choose appropriate medicines in case of an illness. The following chapter is devoted to this topic.
  • https://www.docsimon.com/cat/teas-medicinal-herbs Teas, Medicinal herbs - The teas are composed either of single parts of dried medicinal herbs (blossoms, leaves, haulms, fruits etc.) or of herb mixtures; possibly extracts or concentrates gained from herbs. The herb teas can be used successfully as an alternative and highly effective method of the treatment of the whole range of ailments.
  • https://www.docsimon.com/cat/diets-sportsmans-nutrition Diets, Sportsmans nutrition - In addition to the classical diets for the overweight reduction, you will find the diets focused on the most common diseases in our offer, where the diet itself is one of the regimens of successful treatment or prevention. The comprehensive offer of diet supplements for sportsmen is an integral part of our supplies.
  • https://www.docsimon.com/cat/hygiene-of-oral-cavity Hygiene of oral cavity - The oral cavity is an entry part of the digestive system, where the first contact with food or drink occurs. The tees should be cleaned twice a day as a minimum; the mouth should be washed with a mouthwash. Currently, fresh breath and healthy, clean teeth are considered as a social standard. The care focuse on the oral cavity is very important and should not be neglected.
  • https://www.docsimon.com/cat/medical-devices-machines-and-electronics Medical devices, machines and electronics - Medical devices can be defined as tools, appliances, aids, or materials designed for the prophylaxis, easing illness, examination and diagnose, substitution for a physiological process or anatomic structures, and, especially, for the compensation of various health handicaps.We offer only clinically tested tools and devices with safety attestation, approved by the higher state authority: the State Institute for the Drug Control.
  • https://www.docsimon.com/cat/instruments-and-electronic-devices Instruments and electronic devices - In this category, you will find thermometers, tonometers, glucometers and glucometer stripes, inhalers and nebulisers, air cleaners and ionizers, alco-testers and fat testers.
  • https://www.docsimon.com/cat/veterinary-care Veterinary care - The veterinary care and treatment of animals requires an independent category due to the differences between animal species. Remember: there is a great difference between an animal and a human organism; therefore, the animals receive their specific medical preparations.
  • https://www.docsimon.com/cat/best-selling-products Best-selling products - Preparations of this group are the most popular in the broadest group of consumers.
  • https://www.docsimon.com/cat/promotion Promotion - Preparation offer for a preferential price. Usually, you can get one or more additional packings of the ordered good for free. As a rule, promotion lasts a certain time only.
  • https://www.docsimon.com/article/dr-michaels-set-cleansing-gel-200ml-skin-conditioner-200ml-ointment-50g Dr.MICHAELS set cleansing gel 200ml + skin conditioner 200ml + ointment 50g - Dr. Michaels set includes three products for the treatment of psoriasis. Dr. Michaels products are reputable and are outcomes of Dr. Michael Tirant's research activities.Dr. Michaels Cleansing Gel contains fruit acids, ascorbic acid and citric acid among other substances. These acids soften the skin, remove horny and dead upper layer of the skin, thus release and enable penetration of the ointment and its substances to the skin, so that its better effect is achieved. It is necessary to use the ointment as well as gel at the same time. Use twice daily, always before you apply the ointment and skin conditioner. Do not use if you have eczema on your face.Dr. Michaels Ointment for psoriasis contains natural essential oils, oxide zinc, plant oils and alkaline gels. The ointment eliminates itching, reduces drying and scaling of the skin. Apply morning and evening, after the use of the cleansing gel massage well into the treated area of the skin. On the head apply only on the areas with scabs.Dr. Michaels Skin Conditioner for psoriasis with natural essential oils prevents the treated skin from drying. Immediately after application of the ointment apply a thin layer of conditioner on the treated skin surface. By creating a protective layer the ointment effect is improved, it protects the skin against harmful influences from the environment. Contains vitamins A and E.
  • https://www.docsimon.com/article/alpecin-hair-energizer-coffein-shampoo-c1-250ml ALPECIN Hair Energizer - Coffein Shampoo C1 250ml - ALPECIN Hair Energizer - Coffein Shampoo C1 stimulates hair growth directly at the roots. Strengthens weakened hair roots. Prevents hereditary hair loss. A daily hair wash with C1 immediately provides the hair roots with the activating ingredient. Alpecin Caffeine is very well detectable after being left on for as little as 120 seconds. If left on for longer, more caffeine will be absorbed into the scalp.Recommendation: Leave on the scalp for 2 minutes – from application to rinse.
  • https://www.docsimon.com/article/wobenzym-drg-800 WOBENZYM drg 800 - Wobenzym contains suitably composed enzymes (substances breaking down proteins) that have the ability to effectively influence immunity, inhibit inflammation and swelling, and to a certain extent also dissolve blood clots. They speed up the course of inflammation and relieve its consequences, inhibit the signs of illnesses caused by harmful immunocomplexes that form as a result of antibody reactions. The amounts of products of intermediary metabolism harmful to the human body and dead tissue material are rapidly reduced. Swelling and hematomas are better absorbed. Rutin normalizes the blood vessel wall permeability. Wobenzym decreases blood viscosity and thus improves blood circulation in the tinest blood vessels. Inflammations, pains and swellings are rapidly relieved and the healing process is facilitated. Pellets are resistant to gastric juice. Wobenzym is a drug that contains proteolytic enzymes that have a beneficial effect on immunity and healing of inflammation (acute, recurrent as well as chronic). While used, Wobenzym helps to rapidly reduce oedemas, suffusions and haematomas, and relieves pain. Generally, it facilitates the healing process. Wobenzym is suitable as a supportive treatment for various inflammations. These are, among others, inflammations of the air passages and urinary tract, gynaecological inflammations, inflammations of the prostate, inflammations of the superficial veins (including haemorrhoids). Moreover, the drug is suitable also for relieving pain and reducing oedemas after injuries or surgeries (including dental and plastic surgeries). It also helps in inflammatory activations of a degenerative joint disease (arthritis) and other inflammations of the locomotive system. It is a suitable alternative treatment for persons who do not tolerate non-steroid analgesics. It is also beneficial to use Wobenzym when the lymphatic drainage has been disrupted for various reasons and lymphoedema occurs.
  • https://www.docsimon.com/article/bioderma-atoderm-creme-body-cream-500ml Bioderma ATODERM CRÉME body cream 500ml - Bioderma ATODERM CRÉME : greasing, restructuring and moisturising body cream for dry and atopic skin. It moisturises immediately with a long/lasting effect. Perfume free. Thanks to the vegetable butter karité, it regenerates the affected skin barrier. It contains E vitamin, which has an antioxidant effect. It is applied on a clean and dry skin 1 - 2x a day.
  • https://www.docsimon.com/article/strataxrt-gel-50g StrataXRT gel 50g - StrataXRT is a tube dispensed self-drying topical gel, developed from advances in polymer technology. It is registered as a medical device with European CE mark and is a class 1 wound dressing listed with the US FDA. Topical silicone has been used for over 30 years as a non-invasive treatment and has been found to be safe and effective in many studies.StrataXRT was specifically developed for the usage before and after radiation therapy. It is (with the exception of Stratamed) the only self-drying silicone device, which has been approved for the use on open wounds and compromised skin.StrataXRT helps to promote a moist wound healing environment for widespread superficial wounds and burns. This moist wound healing environment promotes faster re-epithelialisation and significantly reduces the skin’s acute inflammatory response seen with both dry and wet desquamation from radiation dosing and first and second degree burns.In dry desquamation, StrataXRT protects the fragile epidermal covering whilst optimizing the environment for tissue healing and cellular repopulation during repetitive insult.In wet desquamation, StrataXRT protects the dermal stroma from long-term deterioration whilst optimizing the environment for the reparative process and reducing the risk of infection.StrataXRT may also be used in conjunction with other adjunctive treatments to improve overall results. StrataXRT can be used with or without a secondary protective dressing.StrataXRT is used to relieve low grade inflammatory changes such as dry, itching, flaking, peeling and irritated skin.For more severe inflammatory changes, StrataXRT reduces pain, redness and heat and helps soothe the exposed skin areas.StrataXRT is recommended as prophylaxis following the initial radiation dose and should continue to be applied for a minimum of 60–90 days (24/7) post radiation therapy, or until no further improvement is seen. For chronic radiation dermatitis, continued use is recommended until no further improvement is seen. StrataXRT gel is a unique formulation that requires substantially less product per application than typical moisturizing creams or barrier ointments.Size 50 g (1.75oz) is enough to treat an area of 12 cm × 15 cm, (5 inch × 6 inch) twice per day for over 40 days.

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  • Michael - Pretty cool technology!

    This is a replacement for an old lead-battery Toro string-trimmer. I just used the WG160 for the first time. What a delightful surprise. For starters, the WG160 is very light. At times I was using it with one hand. Also, I am 6'3" and the fact that I can adjust the shaft length and head-angle means I can adapt it to my height, making it very comfortable to use. It seems to have a lot of power and did not bog down in the deep, tough weeds. I used it for no more than 20 minutes so I haven't encountered the battery problems that some others have reported. All in all, I am happy with this product so far.

  • Minola - Wonderful car seat

    This truly is the mother of all carseats. I have two kiddo's ages 2 1/2 and 7 months, and was in the market for a new carseat for my youngest. After some extensive consumer research we decided to go with the Foonf, with the hopes that we could get our older daughter in the Foonf and back into a rear facing position as she was currently in a Britax Marathon front facing(for obvious safety reasons, something I was not comfortable with.) I wasn't expecting to be able to successfully transition her from front facing to rear facing, but we figured if nothing else she could remain in her current Britax carseat, and we could give the new Foonf to our 7 month old.

  • frances hill - freezes your previous work.....hate it

    when i downloaded, the program (publisher) it froze all my work on my computer. I tried to work with both but I couldn't make it so I could use both programs...I want my money back and you can delete the Microsoft from my computer. There was no way I could make the Microsoft publisher and my microsoft word compatible

  • Wendy - Good for Even Dry Skin

    Love this product. I am 50 yrs old with somewhat dry skin. The product works well on my skin without being heavy. No perfume either. Doesn't peel when you put it on. Leaves skin noticeably softer with continuous use.