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Drummoyne Medical Centre Chemmart Pharmacy Sydney - Drummoyne Medical Centre Chemmart Pharmacy is a popular late night chemist and sleep clinic in Sydney, NSW. Our medical centre offers a wide variety of pharmaceutical services.

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  • Eugene - needs more RAM

    I've had the phone for one year. It was ok, but recently I updated the phone to Android 4.1.1 (I got the update from blu support) and since then the phone is running at max memory capacity, no RAM left for applications. I open an application and it just goes away, the operating system closes it. Blu support wants me to ship the phone to them to re install the original operating system and charges $25.

  • Katie and J - Timbuk-Awesome!

    I had an epic messenger bag that held everything and multiple pockets and made it easy to travel with. Then it died.

  • stand2fish - Best news for me since 1982

    Gut and Psychology Syndrome. This is the science behind Dr. Mark Hyman MD'S The Ultra Mind Solution. Following these principles, under my medical doctor's supervision, I have weened off all psychiatric medications for nearly the past 10 months. I had been under a psychiatrist's care since 1982 and have been on most of the meds used for Bipolar 11 Disorder. Now, I have no depression, no foggy brain, no side effects, a great sex life, no anxiety, and hope to get off disability sometime soon. People need to take control of their own health and use their own will power. After electric shock treatments and acupuncture and years of nonfunctioning it was surprizing to me that our gut actually produces most of the Seretonin used by the brain. I wish I would have found this earlier. My wife and kids are amazed to "have me back." 58 year old professional male.

  • Caralucy - Very thorough and realistic

    Well, we haven't gone yet so it somewhat remains to be seen, but this book is very thorough and specific, even giving suggestions about how not to look like a tourist. There is lots of information about how to plan your trip, what is a must see and what you would probably survive without seeing. He talks a lot about how to get the true flavor of Italy and how to plan your time. This book was highly recommended by two co-workers that had gone to Italy so I am anticipating that it will turn out to be as accurate as it seems.