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  • Three Nelson - Everything came in working order and my records sound amazing on it

    Everything came in working order and my records sound amazing on it. Definitely a good starter player for anyone looking to get into vinyl.

  • Ashley - Utter crap.

    I find it interesting that based on the reviews this is something that either works or it doesn't. There doesn't seem to be any in between. It didn't work for me what so ever and if I could I'd give it zero stars. IT didn't work so why should it get even a single star? I got conned into buying this from some guy at the mall. He would not give up and I should have known better but he gave me half off and threw in a cleanser so I figured I was getting a good deal. Like other people have said, he tested it on my wrist and "skin" came off. I've since tested it myself on my face and on that same wrist with no result. I don't know what that was but it clearly wasn't skin. These kiosk workers are no better then con artists.I saw on the receipt that all sales are final. Gee, I wonder why. Never again will I buy anything from these people and they'll get a piece of my mind the next time they try and stop me.

  • Nicole - My hair no longer has to look like a brillo pad!

    I am a lifelong user of hair serum for my very thick, very naturally curly, very coarse hair. I love this one the best of all, and believe me I have tried them all.

  • Grisha - We always use his books when in Europe

    We always use his books when in Europe - well researched and mostly match our actual impression. Food recommendations were very good.