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  • Christina @ Books and Prejudice - It fell flat

    Kiss Cam is yet another contemporary by Swoon Reads I've had the privilege of reading early. We have June, Jas, and Lenny who are all friends and vlog. But their viewers are constantly shipping June and Jas together, even though they insist there is nothing between them. During a Truth or Dare Q&A video, they are dared to kiss, spurring a new segment of their vlog called... Kiss Cam.

  • E. E. Jacquot - Be aware that this book contains some pretty notable mistakes

    Be aware that this book contains some pretty notable mistakes. Specifically, on pg 132, the diagram of the heart is labeled wrong in two places (the atria are both mislabeled as "right aorta"). There is no contact information anywhere for the publisher, and it appears they print the book once you order it. I would recommend going with a bigger name publisher/study guide for this type of material.

  • thp1017 - I do love the dispenser

    The area under my eyes has always been a bit dark, so I figured this product was worth trying. I've been using it couple of weeks now, twice a day, under just one eye, and so far I'm not really seeing any difference so far. I do love the dispenser, and the product itself has a nice texture and smell, so I'll definitely keep using it - and update my review if I feel that the product does start making more of a difference.

  • SeaBear - Just didn't fit my ears properly.

    They worked fine and transmitted very well. But the problem is me. My ear canals must be odd sized and these wouldn't snug in properly no matter which size rubber tip I used. Then the added weight outside the ear just kept pulling them out as I walked. No good, returned to Amazon and bought the other style of headset that has a clip that fits around the ear.

  • The Wise Owl - Not the same...

    I used this product 10 years ago quite religiously. I recall being upset when the price went up and product amount went down so I stopped using it and fell in love with Boots Organics from Target. Unfortunately they discontinued my favorite moisturizer, so I came back to Perricone. Though I got a nice deal here on Amazon, I won't be buying it again. Upon my first application, I too was turned off by what seems like much more fragrance than I remember. The rose scent used to be faint and tolerable. It's very overpowering now and lasts the entire day. After a week or two, my chin broke out in large inflammations. Something I had not experienced in the past with this product. I can't tell you why, but I say that I'm not so sure that DMAE is all that it's praised to be. I wonder too if the formula changed. I'm sorry to say that I'm not a fan anymore. I'm back to Boots at 14.00 a jar.