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  • Sarah - So far so good.

    Been using it for about a month now. I can see a bit of a difference but nothing drastic. I'll continue to use it and keep you posted 👍🏻. So far so good.

  • LeeLadyLee - I know that it will heat for as much as 6+ hours and is really nice and warm

    I ordered this for my husband who has cold hand issues due to his work. They work very well. You need to put fuel in them each time that you use them since it seems to evaporate if you fill it and not use it for a couple of days. I know that it will heat for as much as 6+ hours and is really nice and warm. It is not too hot for your hands even though it is warned not to be used without the case. The case does help to keep it cooler in your pocket. My husband said the older models were very hot and could melt your pocket left alone for any length of time. Overall I am very happy to have these in my pocket when the temperature is 30 degrees out and it helps keep my hands ready for my golf shots..

  • BlingQueen - I followed the directions carefully and I have not noticed ...

    I followed the directions carefully and I have not noticed much difference in my IBS OR my weight (*sniffles). (I will probably stick to regular probiotics. Although everybody IS different, try them once to see how your body responds to them.

  • R. Whiteman - Great.

    This combo set was great in that you not only get to hear the trio, but you get to see them put down vocal harmonies that are truly special. I'd recommend this to any CSN fan.

  • Dallas - great if you like mud all over

    These are even uglier in person. The bottom is this weird bubbly texture which holds in tons of dirt and mud that leaves clumps all over the car, the house, etc. They went back.