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  • scott d dixon - Never Wet ruined my boots

    This product ruined my hiking boots. sprayed on as directed. It turned my vortex boots white and they look dried out. I bought another kit for my daughter and her leather boots also turned white. I would not recommend this product. Also there was no return of hazardous materials warning when I tried to return them and AMAZON did not show a contact sells option

  • meme - Owen

    I appreciate anything historical....and you will be transported in time as you read this book. Very well written, it will keep you turning page after page into the wee hours of the night.

  • Robert Barnhorst - Newport Vessels Battery Box

    Awesome battery box! Very well constructed and functional. If I could suggest one thing to improve that would be to include some basic instructions and a mounting clip to keep it in place in the boat. By instructions, I mean that when I press the button to check charge status, it shows all lights then it glows one light at the end so I'm not sure which sequence is correct.

  • Ethel Fountain - 2008 impala keyless entry remote

    It was on time, the instructions was easy, and I will go to this site again if I need to. this was a great price and I have not had any problems with this device. thank you for this device.

  • T. shaw - Worth the money if you need a good mail program for business purposes

    Bottom line - if you are running a business you need to have this. I had been using Windows Live Mail but once the email communication got heavier for my business I needed something more powerful. It's worth the money and the features are great. Easy to learn and import your existing email programs and messages. For anyone coming from Windows Live Mail, check the microsoft user forums, you need to download a free program which will enable you to import Windows Live Mail into Outlook. Can't recall the name of the program at the moment.

  • Goodienuf - I got a lot of SMUDGES-Do not expect perfection....

    Norwex did not work very well for me. I have double pane windows that I painstakingly took apart to clean due to a foggy build up in between them. Now I have smeared the foggy build up. I tried (a brand new, never used) plain dry cloth, water and cloth, vinegar and cloth, antibacterial wipe and then cloth. Also pre-wiped with blue micro fiber cloth and then tried to polish with the purple Norwex dry cloth. I tried every combination thereof and NOTHING I tried got rid of the smudges...now they are "locked" between the glass and look worse than the original fog did. It was not easy to use, as I found the best, but not great results by circular rubbing with quite a bit of force. My arms are so sore from all the polishing I did. I admit to have a lot of windows, floor to ceiling in some rooms, but what this gave me was room to experiment and compare results, in various degrees of sunlight. I read the "how to" use on websites, watched the product videos, and used the product as directed, but still have the smudges. Then I found the other suggestions on line, but also no luck. The window looks clean at first and smudges are not noticeable... until the sun shines through and then they look pretty awful. However, on the plus side, those windows NOT in direct sun look better than before. Also the cloth did eliminate the need for Windex/special window products, and the rolls and rolls of paper towel that I would have otherwise used.

  • Michael Bryant - Better than Liquid Chalk

    My university gym does not allow chalk. I therefore resorted to Liquid Chalk. That stuff was okay, but the chalk to alcohol ratio made it so the chalk was still visible on my hands. I then tried this stuff and found that not only is it almost invisible, but it seems to keep my hands drier for longer. I only needed to apply this once whereas the liquid chalk seemed to need a reapplication after a few sets. I used this for deadlifts, but it also lasted long enough for my pulldowns and rows. It may not be as great as the actual chalk, but it allowed me to take my sets to failure where my hands were not the thing failing first. The bottle is very small so I could easily just keep it in my pocket.