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Centre for Remote Health Alice Springs - CRH - Centre for Remote Health - Centre for Remote Health aims to contribute to the improved health outcomes of people in remote communities of the Northern Territory and Australia, through the provision of high quality tertiary education, training and research focusing on the discipline of Remote Health.

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City: 130.8418 Northern Territory, Australia

  • Chris Jones - Didn't work for me.

    I've tried three different 3Pks within the last month and NONE of them have whitened my teeth at all. I've tried using it for a week at 1 hour and another week at 2 hours ... no change in color. For the record I have a slight yellow shade to my teeth.

  • Kelly O. - Worked as expected

    It came nicely packaged in product box. It comes with remote control (AAA batteries not included), RCA cable, power cable and user manual. It did not come with the VGA cable needed to connect to my PC so I had to purchase that separately.

  • Another Brooklyn Mom-of-three - MUST use the straps

    We've always had a Phil and Ted's Lobster chair, but when we found ourselves high-chair-less while traveling for three weeks with our one-year-old, we ordered this chair (after reading the reviews). The chair was fine - and my son enjoyed it. Our only complaint is that the seat tilts forward a significant amount making it absolutely necessary to use the buckle clip and it's awkward to do because it's weighted immediately. Like I said, the chair is fine and does the job once the child is buckled in.

  • HBS Books - I always understood Kaspersky to be one of the best, but I removed it from my PC after ...

    I always understood Kaspersky to be one of the best, but I removed it from my PC after one day. Going online I could not access such websites as Amazon, Facebook and Yahoo email because of Security concerns!! Trying to get exceptions to work was next to impossible and when I clicked on their own links for help on Kaspersky's own website I was denied access there as well-- unbelievable. I suspect it's because I use Firefox as a web-browser so buyer beware. They may be a great company, just not for me.

  • Bryant vinasco - Awesome

    Item is very good,informative,fun and you learn a lot.great way to learn guitar easy to use no matter what level of guitar you are

  • Douglas Dillon - Great videos as per normal from Joe McNally!

    These videos of Joe's are simply fantastic. If you've ever watched any of his videos, he not only covers the mechanics of lighting, but he also lets you know what he feels about it inside and the personal and human side of getting different kinds of lighting. It's classic Joe at his best.