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  • Powered by Coffee & Wine - Excellent value, works perfectly

    These work great. We've never purchased a name brand or high cost HDMI cable as eventually, no matter the cost, they all eventually stop working. So far these have been just fine and are a good length if your box is not close to your TV connection. I highly recommend these for your high definition TV viewing needs. My husband has been using this to connect his new gaming laptop to our 65" Samsung 4K television and the picture and sound is perfect.

  • Benjamin Smith Jr. - I do laugh when my wife and step son talk to him like like he a pet

    Everyone in the family likes Cozmo. I do laugh when my wife and step son talk to him like like he a pet. In the beginning they were spending hours with this toy. Not so much a week later. My step son who is 13 seems to play mostly in explorer mode where you get to drive him around using the app. I have briefly used the SDK and that seems like something I will explorer in greater detail. I using a Macbook Pro connected to iPad running the app in order to run sample python scripts. I think sparking the imagination of a teenager or perhaps someone much older in robotics or computer programming would be a good fit for this after the novelty wears off. Some have commented that it is very expensive for a toy and I would agree but not if it is used for further learning or other creative uses.


    this is not user friendly software. I called the company to ask if it is like Microsoft Streets and Trips and was told that the interface is very similar which it is not. Dont waste your money