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Total Knee Replacement | Customized Knee Replacement | ConforMIS - ConforMIS customized knee implants are sized and shaped to fit to each patient’s unique anatomy for all stages of osteoarthritis of the knee.

  • http://www.conformis.com/customized-knee-implants/ Knee Replacement Surgery | Knee Replacements | Knee Implants - ConforMIS knee replacement systems offer a patient-specific approach with unique advantages like individualized fit designed for optimal bone preservation.
  • http://www.conformis.com/customized-knee-implants/image-to-implant-process/ Customized Knee Replacement | Knee Replacement Process - Learn about the ConforMIS Image-to-Implant process and how it fits into the overall knee replacement process. Your customized knee replacement starts here.
  • http://www.conformis.com/customized-knee-implants/products/ Knee Replacement Operation | Knee Replacement Options | ConforMIS - ConforMIS offers a full range of customized knee replacement products to address all stages of osteoarthritis of the knee.
  • http://www.conformis.com/customized-knee-implants/products/itotal/ Total Knee Replacement Surgery | Full Knee Replacement | iTotal CR - The ConforMIS iTotal is a customized total knee replacement that virtually eliminates sizing compromises common with off-the-shelf knee implants.
  • http://www.conformis.com/customized-knee-implants/products/iuni/ Partial Knee Replacement Surgery | Unicompartmental Knee Replacement - The ConforMIS iUni provides a customized fit for partial knee replacement surgery. This unicompartmental implant preserves undamaged parts of the knee.
  • http://www.conformis.com/customized-knee-implants/products/iduo/ Partial Knee Replacement | Total Knee Replacement Alternatives - The ConforMIS iDuo is a revolutionary total knee replacement alternative that allows the surgeon to treat just the affected part of the knee.
  • http://www.conformis.com/customized-knee-implants/faq/ Knee Replacement Recovery Time | Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery - How long will I have pain following knee surgery? ConforMIS has the answers to this and other common questions about knee replacement recovery time.
  • http://www.conformis.com/find-a-doctor/ Knee Doctor Near Me | Knee Replacement Surgeon Locator | ConforMIS - Use our Surgeon Locator to find a ConforMIS knee doctor near you. Our knee replacement doctors are ConforMIS experienced & certified.
  • http://www.conformis.com/about-conformis/ Knee Replacement New Technology | New Knee Replacement Technology - Learn about how ConforMIS is redefining knee surgery through new, patent-specific, knee replacement technology.
  • http://www.conformis.com/category/press-releases/ Knee Implant | Knee Joint Replacement | ConforMIS Press Releases - The latest knee implant and knee joint replacement news and press releases from ConforMIS, maker of customized knee implants.
  • http://www.conformis.com/real-experiences/richard-rosa-md/ Total Knee Arthoplasty Video | Surgeon Richard Rosa, MD | ConforMIS - Hear the Director of Saint Barnabas Medical Center Joint Institute explain the difference he sees in ConforMIS patients in this total knee arthoplasty video.
  • http://www.conformis.com/real-experiences/cal-wood-56 Replacement Knee Video | iTotal Patient Cal W. | ConforMIS - See how busy cattle rancher Cal Wood got back into his active lifestyle following his iTotal knee experience with ConforMIS in this replacement knee video. 
  • http://www.conformis.com/real-experiences/edward-rossario-md/ Customized Knee Replacement Video | Edward Rossario MD | ConforMIS - Hear about Dr. Edward Rossario's experience with ConforMIS customized knee replacements, and the possibility of a more natural feeling knee, in this video.
  • http://www.conformis.com/real-experiences/marilyn-dodd-67/ Exercises After Knee Replacement | Patient Marilyn D. | ConforMIS - Watch this video & see how Cross-Fit enthusiast & ConforMIS patient Marilyn D. got back in action with some of her favorite exercises after knee replacement!
  • http://www.conformis.com/real-experiences/ Knee Replacement Video | ConforMIS Doctor and Patient Testimonials - ConforMIS knee replacement video testimonials from doctors & patients. Watch patients discuss their real experiences with ConforMIS knee replacements.

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  • Sarabeth Ballard - Great stubby antenna!

    This is a great, very durable antenna. We bought one and put it on a 2010 Xterra 5 years ago, just recently got a 2015 Xterra and moved the antenna over and it still looks like new! On top of a nice product, they have great customer service too!

  • Uncle Willy - Publisher 2010 is not good

    I've used Publisher for 12 years to publish a magazine and I love the program. However I hate the 2010 version. MS has reworked what was a great program and fixed things that were not broken. They eliminated good tools from the 2000, 2003, 2007 versions for the sake of making change in my opinion. The new ribbon style toolbars makes it harder and far more time consuming to use than the older versions and if you want help it's practically non-existant. There was no comprehensive manual on the market for months so after waiting 6+ months I bought the first real manual from a Shelly Cashman series of textbooks. There is a basic version ($50) and a complete version ($85). I found the complete version a complete waste of money. It was apparent it was written by a team of scholars with lots of theory concepts and no experience. It's well illustrated, but redundant and very low level.

  • grammyshere - ..."ya lives by da sun and ya dies by da sun." Old man Percy said.

    After the solar flare shuts down the world around them, Colton, Madison and Alex are forced to bug out to their new home as the tension builds in Bobby Akart's newest Blackout book. It seems like around every corner, a new situation happens that slows them down.

  • B Leyden - Poor Whites Now Like Poor Blacks

    Once upon a time in America, the elites lived side-by-side with the lower classes: they lived together close enough that they could belong to the same churches and clubs, or if they didn't they knew people who did; they all - rich and poor - shared pretty much the same ethical standards and they all had pretty much the same attitudes towards marriage, religion and values; and the elites went out of their way not to be ostentatious, but to be helpful to the less fortunate. Lower class whites, living in enclaves which he designates as "Fishtown" (an actual community near Philadelphia) liked their communities, identified with them and were honest and helpful to residents in them; these Fishtowns, in short, were communities with real political capital in the Fukuyama/Robert Putnam sense.

  • Shawna C - ALWAYS WORKS--unless it is a leak in the oil pan.

    I have used this on countless vehicles. This will work on any oil leak except a leak in an oil pan. I toss it in at any time(full or low), drive until it slows down, then I change the oil and add a little after that. NO LEAKS at all, unless it has been a leak in the oil pan. WORKS EVERY TIME! You must drive for a while with the stop leak in order for it to work!

  • Tony - Great value for the price

    Picked one of these up just to try a larger screen than my 7 inch android tab. I am very pleased with this tablet. Plenty of room for apps, speed seems great compared to my little tablet and my android phone. It feels good in my hand/hands even when using it as an e-reader at night. Wifi range is fine..have had no issues connecting, and the on board lan jack is very convenient since a hard-wired lan is much faster than wifi. (I happen to keep an extra cable in my living room).

  • Michael Erkkinen - My experience with VW2011

    I've been using VWArchitect since the early 90's. I have a design-build business, so my CAD use is more sporadic than most full-time designers. I tend to design one project at a time, then build it, then design the next one. I originally chose VWArch because its solid modelling platform most resembled the process of creating a building out of solid objects (wood, fasteners, concrete, etc.). It also allowed me to model and render buildings and objects in a somewhat life-like way, which was a big plus in communicating with clients. Prior to VWA, I used first a pencil, and then Auto Cad (2D). Dollar for dollar, as a design-builder, VWA is the best and most useful tool in my arsenal.