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Le Club de la presse du Languedoc-Roussillon - Le site Internet du Club de la Presse de Montpellier - Hérault - Languedoc-Roussillon. Informations et rendez-vous à destination des journalistes.

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  • monica avelar - Oil Pulling Therapy

    This is a good book. I had already tried oil pulling and liked it but I stopped because it seemed I didn't always have time for it. This book motivated me to start back up again and stick with at least oil pulling once a day. I definitely feel an increase in energy when I do it consistently and that is always a good thing.

  • Joseph Asson - Best Valve Oil Period

    've used Al Cass for 15 years now. The oil is simply the best. When I've run out or forgotten my oil and had to use a friends, it just wasn't the same. The others, like blue juice, work but not for as long and aren't as smooth.

  • pgeders - Awesome Customer Service

    I have only had to contact Webroot twice. Both times I was treated to very professional customer support. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. They know their product inside out. Used to have Norton and McAfee...neither hold a candle, in my opinion, to Webroot.

  • Nwptrn - I am SICK reading the reviews: ( 14 months ...

    I am SICK reading the reviews :( 14 months ago i let my plumber choose my unit. I paid 7K for the unit & installation. its 14 months later & it now keeps shutting itself off :( something about the flame, the company says. OMG ... if i had read reviews, then id have NEVER EVER paid ALL my savings to get this unit installed. I feel ill. Now who knows how much it will be to repair, over & over.