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Clinician Reviews - October 2016 - Clinician Reviews is a monthly, peer-reviewed publication dedicated to keeping the ever-growing nurse practitioner and physician assistant professions up-to-date on the latest advances in medicine and health care news. The clinical content covers a broad range of primary care topics. Each issue contains accredited CE/CME activity; dermatology, radiology, and ECG clinical quizzes; and case presentations. Nonclinical content offers topics such as medical malpractice, professional news, health care legislation, and practice management.

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  • BillJ - Sync Is Great - The Rest Is "Busier" Than Earlier Versions

    FTM 2012 is my second FTM upgrade and I most recently upgraded from the 2006 version. The ability to easily sync updated data with my tree on Ancestry.com is a definite plus and the sync feature has worked flawlessly for the four months I have used the program. Some added features, such as enhanced media capability, are also a plus. The downside is many of the page displays are irritatingly busy as opposed to the simpler, more straight-forward displays of the older versions. I miss the uncluttered "dashboard" presentation of earlier Family pages showing parents and children and the ability to make modifications through small pop-up windows overlaying the Family page as opposed to essentially a new page being displayed for something as simple as entering a Fact for an individual. The bottom line is I end up spending more time entering/modifying information than earlier versions (i.e., more button clicks). In my view many of the changes, particularly in the page layouts, are not enhancements but just changes and in the end make the program clumsier to use than its predecessors.

  • Deanna Mccoy - mini mp3 a deal

    Great little mp3, especially for a quick clip for exercise routines, and for wearing to go to sleep. Earbuds not bad, and comfortable to lay on. Easy upload from windows media player. Don't forget to shut it off, though. Not sure if it comes with wall plug in charger, but quick charge on computer.

  • Kenneth J Stoll - The crossbars worked great. Installed them in about 20 minutes and then ...

    The crossbars worked great. Installed them in about 20 minutes and then strapped 2 kayaks to the top with some J hooks. They do not make any noise while driving at 80+ mph. I'll leave them on all the time because i dont even notice them.

  • Amazon Customer - One of the best products that I was blessed to be introduced to ...

    One of the best products that I was blessed to be introduced to by a friend . Some people eat to live and some people live to eat , I love food but didnt always make the best choices and no matter how many different CRAZY diets I did it always felt like I was suffering and would either get sick or disappointing by how they made me feel . I'm happy to say that since I started using natures burn I feel 1 much much more energy, 2 I feel healthier than ever and 3 it suppresses my appetite to a point that I am no longer "eating with my eyes" and craving unhealthy foods but actually eating the good foods that my body craves. I can honestly say that if you give this product a try you will love it ! I don't hold back my cravings at all because now I crave only what my body actually wants and needs