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Homeopathic Herbal Remedies & Natural Relief | Clear Products Inc. - Clear Products Inc offers all natgural homeopathic remedies for common illnesses, ailments, and conditions like tinnitus, cold & flu, menopause, migraine headaches and low energy.

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  • http://www.clearproductsinc.com/products/Clear-NRG-Plus.html Herbal Energy Supplements - Homeopathic Supplements to Increase Energy | Clear NRG - Clear NRG Plus™ is a homeopathic herbal energy supplement that can increase energy and focus, naturally fight chronic fatigue and improve mental alertness.
  • http://www.clearproductsinc.com/products/Clear-Migraine.html Herbal Supplements & Homeopathic Remedy for Migraines | Clear Migraine® - Clear Migraine® is a homeopathic remedy for migraines that contains natural herbal supplements that provide relief from symptoms associated with headache pain.

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  • L. Martin - Loss

    As a 43 yr old, Mom of two, I have been struggling with hair loss and thinning. I began taking this product on Jan. 1st, 2014, religiously, for two months then had to stop. It seemed my hair loss worsened. I have discontinued this product and have been taking biotin instead with very satisfying results.

  • Caitlinclear - Love it!

    I bought this on the direct site. I workout 5 days a week and eat very healthy. I noticed less bloating and i just felt good. I did wake up w a headache at first, but I am now addicted and awaiting my 28day recurring order!

  • Michael Kiley - You have great products!

    I got my first White's Detector almost 50 years ago from my Mom when I was 16. You have great products! Mike

  • patty klocko - Amazing

    As usual, Ronson delivers a concise and easy to follow tale. Even with the twists and turns offered, it is not a difficult journey. Flawless and amazing.

  • Christine Calvin - FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE - Do not buy!!!

    Do NOT buy, these are FAKE. I wish I had noticed the other reviews or that these were being shipped from China (which I did not know until I saw the shipping details). I just went to a sporting goods store and picked up 2 'real' Yetis. The ones I received from OuSiMan do not compare in terms of performance. They look pretty good to the eye, but when you put ice in them, you notice they in no way are real Yetis. The tumbler becomes cold to the touch on the outside and is almost starting to sweat. A real Yeti does not. After only 2 hours, you can see the ice in the fake one is beginning to melt where in the real one they look as they did from the onset. You can tell the fake is not holding in the cold just by the way it feels on the outside. Sadly, these fakes are so well done it really is hard to tell until you put it to the test. BUYER BEWARE!

  • Tastinient - UPDATE - 9 months and looking fair

    My detailer had been working to keep my lights from yellowing for several years and the yellow always returned. My dealer said they could restore them for $250 but they would not guarantee the results. I didn't think that was a good option. So that's when I tried this. I presume it's similar kit to what the dealer would use, but with hand sanding rather than an electric sander that they would likely use. It took about 45 minutes of elbow grease to apply. I recommend watching the video they've posted on youtube to get the process right, there's several steps. I would say the process removed about 95 percent of the haze and yellowing when completed. Three months later, I think they have slightly dulled again, but only slightly. To my mind, if the lights keep most of their luster for a year it will have been worth it. If they start to rapidly fade again, I'll be back to update this review.

  • Washington Flyer - Great book for a beginner

    This is exactly the book that I was looking for; a comprehensive guide for a beginner. From this book I've been able to narrow down the investment style what I feel most comfortable with then research further. The author promotes his newsletter and other publications that many investors use but I was fine with this because I had no idea which resources to use and which ones are worth using. I would highly recommend this book for a beginner.