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  • Amy Bosica - I fell in love with A Place in the Sun from the first ...

    I fell in love with A Place in the Sun from the first page. The writing just pulled me in and captivated me. I didn’t want to do anything else, but read this story. It just consumed me. I loved the way the writer built Georgie and Gianluca’s story. Their story is one of those that gives you an instantly feeling of amazing. You’re only a few pages in and you just know this is going to be a fantastic love story.

  • Steve Whiteford - Problems

    I bought the software for two reasons. My laptop crashed and I lost one version, and then my other version had been having problems for some time - it doesn't load properly and has other glitches. Microsoft couldn't help me with it becuase they didn't recognize your KEY. After I bought it your customer service rep implied I didn't really need to re-buy, that y'all could have helped me with the original version. Anyway I reinstalled the new version on my PC and am having the same problems with it. I also installed the new version on my laptop and it seems to be fine.