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CIC - Antônio Prado - Fortalecendo empresas, facilitando negócios - A CIC Antônio Prado é uma entidade de representação empresarial, estabelecida no município de Antônio Prado, RS. A CIC foi fundada em 8 de maio de 1987 e, a partir de então, passou a trabalhar pelo desenvolvimento econômico da cidade.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -51.6 Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

  • Christina Nacchia - Uhhhhmazing

    This is the best detox out there! I love this tea. I've tried others and nothing tastes or works quite like this. It's tasty, kind of floral. I hate tea btw. It comes in little satiny pouches making it fancy, to boot. I definitely felt great doing the detox . Can't say if I lost weight from it, because I'm very physically active with multiple beach body programs and I generally watch my diet, but I did feel a decrease in appetite and felt great when I drank it. Did the 28 days 2 months ago and looking foward to my next month.

  • adam s - Very effective and healthy program!

    I am on Day 10 of my 10-Day transformation cleanse and it has been well worth it! I was not overweight to begin with, but have lost 13 pounds so far and feel absolutely great! First of all people need to understand that you can do this the "pure" route by not consuming food during the 10 days, which I mostly did, or you can eat approved "flex" foods up to three times a day. Day 3 was the hardest for me as my body was flushing out toxins and it was also mentally hard, especially while I was preparing great smelling foods for my kids every meal. Days 4-10 got easier and easier and Days 8-10 were packed with energy, which was pleasantly surprising! The fiber is an amazing product and I have enjoyed it better than others such as Metamucil. It feels grainy like sawdust because it is a true fiber supplement. The Original Power Shake flavor isn't that great and is night and day worse than the Apple Berry flavor, which is awesome. The purpose of taking 5 master amino pills, 3 times a day, is to protect your muscles so you aren't losing muscle/muscle weight during this low calorie diet, as you do with most other cleanses, so that was a huge plus. This is a low calorie (around 600 calories a day if you don't eat flex foods) diet, therefore my goals were to cleanse my body and strip off fat. Both goals have been accomplished. I chose not to exercise during these 10 days because of the obvious fact that this is a low calorie program. If I wanted to exercise during this I would have been eating flex foods (increasing calories/energy). Overall this was a fantastic program and while I am now currently at complete optimal weight and body fat for my age and height, I will do this 10 day program again in the future if I allow my weight to get back up.