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    Country:, Europe, FR

    City: 2.3387 , France

  • Eugene Tsuji - stops leak but doesnt last

    fixes a leak in a hot tub for about 3-4 days, then the leak returns. First time tried 1/3 of the bottle as per the label. Leak stopped for 4 days then returned. Tried again with 2/3s of the bottle and leak stopped for 5 days, then came back.

  • Frank Knight - Great package!

    Filled in a lot of missing pieces. Practice test really gave a realistic feel for the test. Great package!

  • HardcoreGamer - Great espresso, zero problems

    This is my first espresso machine. I make two to three cappuccinos a day. It's easy to use. The pump has plenty of pressure, and it heats up fast. I removed the rubber nozzle from the steam wand immediately. I learned to froth without fancy gadgets, and it's a skill you'll be proud of if you do it that way. Steam pressure seems good, and the espresso comes out in two golden heavy streams of froth, gradually condensing into a rich, dark liquid with good crema. I use Brazil Santos coffee, and it makes superb espresso. I have used it every day for three months with no problems so far. I got it on sale for $69.99, and I figure even if it only lasts a year, I got my money's worth of espresso. It's fairly easy to clean, and comes with everything you need to start making espresso right away. A few tips; do not grind the coffee too fine or tamp it too hard--this can make steam pop out of the gasket between the portafilter and the group. Grind and tamp require a little experimentation and practice, but it's not that hard. Also, as with any machine, don't store the portafilter on the group, or the gasket will compress and the seal will not be effective. So far, no negatives to report. I'll update this review if anything changes.

  • Daniel T. Henke - I was disappointed with this waterpik

    This is the third Waterpik I've ordered. This one disappoints. The pressure is lower than my previous one. The water container is smaller and usually has to be refilled to finish the job. It is smaller overall and fits in the bathroom much easier, but if you want performance look for the previous model or wait until Waterpik fixes this one.

  • Moshe Laub - I find it much better. The software is very user friendly

    I've been using Webroot for probable more than 10 years now and comparing it to other very effective security suites, I find it much better. The software is very user friendly. Has many options for customization and runs smoothly in the background, scanning quickly many times without taking precious RAM. For my busy all EMR chiropractic office it means everything; I can provide effective and fast customer service with the best security needed. I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes great security without compromising system's speed.