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Center Point Clinical Services - Center Point Clinical Services actively helps pharmaceutical and medical device companies successfully reach their regulatory and commercialization goals, in less time and at a lower cost than competitors.

  • http://www.centerpointclinicalservices.com/company-profile/ Company Profile | Center Point Clinical Services - Center Point Clinical Services LLC (“Center Point”) is a specialty contract research organization (CRO) that helps pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies successfully reach their regulatory and commercialization goals in less time and at a lower cost than competitors.
  • http://www.centerpointclinicalservices.com/solutions/ctrp/ CTRP® | Center Point Clinical Services - THE CHALLENGE Poor patient retention and medication compliance represent an ongoing challenge in clinical trials. All too often drug administration protocols are confusing for the average clinical trial patient.
  • http://www.centerpointclinicalservices.com/solutions/study-solutions/ Study Solutions | Center Point Clinical Services - Center Point works with a wide range of clients including drug development, specialty pharma, and medical device companies. We also provide a wide range of solutions that support commercialization of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and nutraceuticals.
  • http://www.centerpointclinicalservices.com/events-webinars/ Events & Webinars | Center Point Clinical Services - Center Point participates in prestigious conferences throughout the year. Here’s where we'll be in the near future. Let’s meet!  ...
  • http://www.centerpointclinicalservices.com/contact/ Contact | Center Point Clinical Services - Center Point Clinical Services LLC 6133 Blue Circle Drive, Suite-175 Minnetonka, MN 55343 Call us toll-free: 1-844-287-2877 (CTRP) Email: [email protected] Press Contact: Marjie Hadad MH Communications 1-844-287-2877 Ext 9 marjierhadad@gmail.
  • http://www.centerpointclinicalservices.com/blog-posts/how-to-engage-patients-in-order-to-drive-compliance-and-create-robust-clinical-data/ How to Engage Patients In Order to Drive Compliance and Create Robust Clinical Data | Center Point Clinical Services - Patient engagement is crucial for any clinical trial to have good, reliable and robust data. The challenge, therefore, is to keep patients engaged and feeling valued because patients who are not engaged and are not feeling valued, are more likely to drop out.
  • http://www.centerpointclinicalservices.com/blog-posts/patient-engagement-drives-clinical-trial-compliance-and-retention/ Patient Engagement Drives Clinical Trial Compliance and Retention | Center Point Clinical Services - Every patient that drops out of a clinical trial costs the study sponsor time and money.  According to research by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, only one-half of patients randomized into a clinical trial go to completion.
  • http://www.centerpointclinicalservices.com/blog-posts/driving-drive-drug-innovation-and-market-access-part-3-implementation-and-communication/ Driving Drive Drug Innovation and Market Access – Part 3: Implementation and Communication | Center Point Clinical Services - This is Part 3 and the final blog of a three-part blog series that highlights the challenges and opportunities of driving drug development through the lens of the clinical operations team and senior management.
  • http://www.centerpointclinicalservices.com/press/center-point-clinical-services-names-tim-slavin-new-senior-director-of-clinical-accounts/ Center Point Clinical Services Names Tim Slavin New Senior Director of Clinical Accounts | Center Point Clinical Services - Malvern, Pennsylvania, September 14, 2016 --- Center Point Clinical Services, provider of specialty clinical research and medical outcomes solutions, announced today that Tim Slavin has joined the company as its new senior director of clinical accounts.
  • http://www.centerpointclinicalservices.com/press/center-point-clinical-services-and-cedarville-university-school-of-pharmacy-announce-specialty-internship-program/ Center Point Clinical Services and Cedarville University School of Pharmacy Announce Specialty Internship Program | Center Point Clinical Services - “We had great mentors. Providing a real-world experience is our way of giving back.” Joe Martinez, CEO, Center Point Clinical Services Minnetonka, MN, July 27, 2016 --- Center Point Clinical Services, provider of specialty clinical research solutions including the signature Clinical Trials Resea...
  • http://www.centerpointclinicalservices.com/press/center-point-adds-signature-study-solutions-to-its-growing-menu-of-services/ Center Point Adds ‘Signature Study Solutions’ to Its Growing Menu of Services | Center Point Clinical Services - Center Point’s signature solutions are designed to support the regulatory and commercialization goals of study sponsors. Minnetonka, MN, July 13, 2016 --- Center Point Clinical Services LLC, a leading provider of specialty clinical research solutions, announced today the market introduction of its...

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