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  • Tiffiney's world - Ingestion of this product can be FATAL to your Health

    If this mixture doesn't work for you or you feel sick and exhausted immediately STOP ingesting this product. There is absolutely NO WAY that anyone distributing this product can say without exception they have NO vested in interest in advertising or posting a positive spin. Bottom line, distributors/sellers profit from pushing/selling this product or they wouldn't be in business regardless of the weight loss stories/health benefits that are used to advertised. (Businesses thrive off false advertising.... Think about it! Would you even consider purchasing a product whose benefits disclose the potential related to death or acute renal shutdown?

  • Mycrobyte - Classy protection. Looks great.

    Perfect fit and look nice in my black CLA 250. Very sturdy - typical weather tech quality - a good purchase. I prefer these over the oem ones

  • Plaine Belle - Must Read for most Americans

    Charles Murray answered a good many of my questions about why things are the way they are in American today. He was concise and had documentation and research to back up his information. He clearly stated when something was his opinion. This book made me think more clearly about the future. It's not an easy, fast read; but an incredibly informative one.

  • S. Gillespie - Calms my wandering mind!

    So far I like it and have seen some slight results, but I think in a couple weeks I will see the results that I am hoping for. I have mild anxiety and have a tendency to like awake at night thinking and causing additional anxiety because of my wandering mind. I have noticed that when I take this 30 min before dinner that it calms me down and relaxes me. Which is great, but I still have to use my anxiety prescription meds occasionally when my anxiety is worse. I would like to eventually get away from the prescription and manage it naturally. I cant wait to see the results I have closer to the end of the 30 days. Overall I think this is doing what it's meant to.

  • MACEY - It shows the leg and the arm muscles-

    If your arms and legs are skinny and you want to get rid of the problem then this is the best option that you can ever find.

  • lelayna75 - I LOVE THIS THING!!!

    I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I purchased this on the Friday before Christmas and it arrived the next day. Things could not have gone better because I was able to use it to make swift work of cookie dough which normally takes a lot of strength to mix as it is a very tough dough. It was literally done in seconds. Since then I have used it to make a variety of smoothies, some with leafy greens and fruit and others with fruit and dairy. My smoothies have been super smooth without any bits left behind. My son makes post work out smoothies with bananas, peanut butter, almond milk and oatmeal! He said that since we have gotten the NINJA his smoothies have been smooth and creamy like a milkshake...he loves the result!! I purchased the system with the meal prep kit and I love it. I have used it more than once to make chicken salad. I just add the onion, celery, chicken and mayonnaise to the food prep bowl and a few pulses later everything is chopped and blended. I can't believe I waited so long to get one of these.