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Addiction Treatment, Mental Health | Dallas, Denton, North T - Carrollton Springs has skilled counselors and compassionate caregivers available 24/7 to assist with substance abuse, depression and mental health issues.

  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/why-carrollton-springs/ Why Carrollton Springs | Addiction Treatment, Mental Health - About Carrollton Springs Learn about our caring, professional staff and welcoming environment. Message from our CEO Hear from our leadership about what Carrol.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/why-carrollton-springs/about-us.stml About Us | Addiction Treatment, Mental Health | Dallas, Dent - Carrollton Springs is a newly-renovated, 45-bed psychiatric and chemical dependency hospital located on a beautiful campus in Carrollton, Texas. We provide in.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/why-carrollton-springs/message-from-our-ceo.stml Message From Our CEO | Addiction Treatment, Mental Health | - Thank you for taking time to learn about Carrollton Springs. Our hospital has been designed to be a safe haven and resource to our community..
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/why-carrollton-springs/mission-values.stml Mission and Values | Addiction Treatment, Mental Health | Da - Our Mission Our mission is to change people s lives by delivering innovative and evidence-based treatment in a professional and compassionate environment that.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/why-carrollton-springs/how-we-are-different.stml How We Are Different | Addiction Treatment, Mental Health | - At Carrollton Springs, our goal is to change our patients lives. We ask ourselves these questions every day, How can we be sure that our.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/why-carrollton-springs/our-location-accommodations.stml Our Location / Accommodations | Addiction Treatment, Mental - The Carrollton Springs facility is located in the North Dallas, Texas area of Carrollton. The facility is located at 2225 Parker Road, Carrollton, Texas 75010.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/why-carrollton-springs/join-our-team.stml Join Our Team | Addiction Treatment, Mental Health | Dallas, - Thank you for your interest in employment with Carrollton Springs. Our employees play a key role in the success of our patients, their families, and.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/why-carrollton-springs/reviews.stml Patient Comments and Reviews | Addiction Treatment, Mental H - October, November, December 2015 The nurses and techs were very helpful during my stay at CSH Male Yall shouldn t change anything about this hospital.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/our-approach/ Our Approach | Addiction Treatment, Mental Health | Dallas, - Inpatient Treatment Take advantage of a controlled, structured environment with 24-hour care. Partial Hospitalization Program Intensive group therapy along wi.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/our-approach/inpatient-treatment.stml Inpatient Treatment | Addiction Treatment, Mental Health | D - In the Inpatient Program, patients receive detailed clinical and medical assessments, psychiatric stabilization and rehabilitation care. This program offers t.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/our-approach/partial-hospitalization-program.stml Partial Hospitalization Program | Addiction Treatment, Menta - Carrollton Springs offers two options for those looking for outpatient mental health and addiction treatment. Our Partial Hospitalization Program is detailed.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/our-approach/intensive-outpatient-program.stml Intensive Outpatient Program | Addiction Treatment, Mental H - Carrollton Springs offers two options for those looking for outpatient mental health and addiction treatment. Our Intensive Outpatient Program is detailed bel.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/changes/ Addiction Treatment, Mental Health | Dallas, Denton, North T - Changes Outpatient of Plano Serving Plano, Allen, McKinney, Richardson, and Beyond Changes Outpatient of Plano is proud to serve the adult community by offeri.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/our-approach/family-involvement.stml Family Involvement | Addiction Treatment, Mental Health | Da - Families have the opportunity to participate in education and support groups to increase their understanding of addiction and mental illness. This process hel.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/our-approach/alumni-support-group.stml Alumni Support Group | Addiction Treatment, Mental Health | - A support group is offered for all patients who complete their initial treatment program. Recovery is a lifelong process and requires continued support from o.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/what-we-treat/ What We Treat | Addiction Treatment, Mental Health | Dallas, - Addiction Experience true freedom from the chains that hold you bound. Mental Health Psychiatric stabilization and therapy for long-term mental wellness. Seni.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/what-we-treat/addiction/ Breaking The Chains Of Addiction | Addiction Treatment, Ment - Addiction is a powerful and difficult condition to treat. We approach addiction through medical intervention (detoxification), where appropriate, followed by.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/what-we-treat/mental-health/ Help For Those In Need | Addiction Treatment, Mental Health - We treat individuals who may be suffering from one or more of the following conditions: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive/ compulsive thoughts or.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/what-we-treat/minirth-program.stml Minirth Faith Based Program | Addiction Treatment, Mental He - We wait in hope for the Lord; He is our help and our shield. Psalm 33:20 Carrollton Springs exclusively offer the Minirth Faith Based Program.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/what-we-treat/senior-treatment/ Skillful, Compassionate Care | Addiction Treatment, Mental H - Aging adults face unique and challenging concerns including safety, physical decline, loss of independence, medication reactions, cognitive decline and multip.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/what-we-treat/integrated-co-occurring-disorders.stml Integrated Co-Occurring Disorders | Addiction Treatment, Men - Our treatment program for an individual experiencing mental health and addiction issues involves an integrated approach that treats both disorders at the same.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/patient-visitor-guide/ Patient Visitor Guide | Addiction Treatment, Mental Health | - Preparing for Your Stay Find our what you need to bring and ways to enjoy a successful stay. During Your Stay Learn what you will.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/patient-visitor-guide/preparing-your-stay.stml Preparing For Your Stay | Addiction Treatment, Mental Health - You should bring the following items with you when you are admitted to the hospital. All of the medications you are currently taking (including OTC.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/patient-visitor-guide/during-your-stay.stml During Your Stay | Addiction Treatment, Mental Health | Dall - Our Inpatient Services are designed to provide an intensive, highly structured treatment program for patients with psychiatric, addictive and co-occurring dis.
  • http://www.carrolltonsprings.com/patient-visitor-guide/after-your-stay.stml After Your Stay | Addiction Treatment, Mental Health | Dalla - Your care does not end once you leave the hospital. To continue your recovery, you should engage in follow-up care. Participating in follow-up care supports.

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