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Canine Arthritis - Arthritis is a painful and debilitating condition affecting 1 in 5 dogs, over the age of one. Arthritis doesn’t discriminate - it affects people and dogs of all ages. If you notice any changes in your dog’s mood and level of activity, it may be due to the pain of arthritis, one of the most common chronic conditions which veterinarians treat.

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  • volknstein - Awful design and I know crystal radios

    I cannot believe they are still selling this model of crystal radio. Winding coils requires patience and a steady hand. The cardboard tube is too flimsy. THe plastic base is a joke and the tunning slider only looks good in the pic. It does not work well at all.The brass bead will mess up the windings. It would be better if the bead rolled across the windings instead of scraping the windings. I bought this kit when I was a young teenager 15 years ago and it was terrible then. I came up with a much better design when I was 13. Don't wast your time with this kit, Crystal radios are a wonderful learning tool but this piece of junk will only disappoint. Here is a couple of crystal radios on Amazon that are cheap and a better design. Just copy these into Amazon's search.

  • Jburger - Excellent product. My wife has used many products for ...

    Excellent product. My wife has used many products for the glass-top ranges and was skeptical about using this product. "I have used many of these products and none of them work well" said my wife. She changed her tune about this Shaklee she said it made cleaning the white glass top easy! A great product!!

  • Lisbeth A. - I love the Stubby!

    The Stubby is exactly what we needed, since the old antenna was too long to park our 2013 Acadia in our garage. No tools needed just twisted the old one off and screwed the Stubby on. (I also think the radio sounds louder than with the factory antenna)

  • Dizzy - Disappointed

    I was looking forward to another Olay product to do what it's supposed to do, BUT, as one of the other reviews stated, it did not remove my "coarse" chin hair, and removed about 50 percent of my lip hair...For the price of this product, I feel as if the other OTC products for facial hair or sensitive skin work just as well and for a third of the price..I do see the price has already dropped from the $29.99 I paid to $22.99..I will not purchase this again unless the price drops a bit more. Why would I pay this much for something that does not remove those stubborn hairs? Sorry, but thank-you for trying.

  • david w gillespie - Horrible Product

    I received the product not knowing my cookware would not work. Bought additional cookware and temperature settings did not work properly. Absolutely the worse product I have ever purchased. Will never buy another NuWave product. If you return it you have to pay shipping both ways so it is not worth returning.

  • Amazon Customer - AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL (but it works I guess)

    Well, it "works" based on my home drug test result, but the color it turned my pee was way too weird for me to actually use this on the day of the test. Too suspicious. For the record, drinking a ton of water did not make the color more believable at all.