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  • Marble Head - Don't Be Fooled!

    Snowden must have missed this one, which masquerades as a simple tome with the innocent title of Outlook for Wood Toilet Seats in Greater China but which could just as well be called, "China's Coming in Your Back Door -- Look Out! - Stand Up For Yourself -- But Only When You're Done". Smuggled out of Quaint Old Peking (which is the innermost inner-inner city in Beijing), the complete decryption of this secret report blows the lid right off of China's most secret, inner workings.

  • Barbara and Paul - Enamel restoration, believe it

    My teeth have been getting the pitted indentations near the gumline for several years now. The front teeth edges have been slowly getting more and more transparent. The dentist only suggested I wear a mouth guard at night, which I have started doing. I saw a review of the ProNamel toothpaste and decided to start using it. I now have been using it exclusively for several months and I can tell you that I will not be using any other toothpaste. The teeth with the worst pitting are slowly improving! Myy teeth are becoming whiter and seem to be responding positively to this toothpaste. I buy four tubes at a time so that I don't run out. I have used all the whitening toothpastes and even the white strips and this toothpaste has served me well and I am exceptionally pleased. I highly recommend Sensodyne ProNamel toothpaste. It is worth the extra cost.

  • Sally Bergmann - The Best American Short Stories 2013

    ABNORMAL nothing JOYFUL over each one . I threw it away It was not even suitable to pass along. I am sorry I wasted my money; Each chapter had their characters doing such EVIL things.

  • Patricia - it works it really does

    Hi,, I am going thru menopause or have gone thru. who knows when it ends, and it seemed nothing was helping me with my stomach issues. seems everything just slowed down in my whole body. no energy , hair falling out in almost clumps. constipated all the time. gas and bloating, just overall ucky feeling all the time , I tried everything that my doctor advised but nothing worked, he kept treating with pills that had side effects and made me feel worse. phisillum husk gets me even more bloated (Metamucil) . About a year dealing with this and no letup , a friend invited me to a party for it works she was invited too, and I was skeptical but went anyway for the company, first I only tried the eye and lip cream since I was so insomnia ridden I had bags under my eyes.It really worked and I didn't even use it every day but the bags got better.