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  • B. Whitney - Life changing? I think so...

    My life will never be the same. Blasted through the Chicken and Beef Chapters, but when I reached The Popcorn, not just for Christmas Tree Decoration Chapter; A-Freakin-MAZING!!!

  • Henry2000 - Henry2000

    I was horrified when I started to develop severe lower back pain that several of my family members and friends had described; where they had extensive back surgery and therapy.(with limited success). After about 8 weeks of this pain I was convinced that I needed to see a doctor. That night I saw the "Back to Life" machine advertisement. Out of shear desperation, I called and told the order taker that I knew that this was a gimmick but I was going to try it anyway. Boy was I ever thankful I did! This thing really worked and after 10 days my back pain was totally gone! I have worked this machine into my regular exercise routine, and find it very easy to use; and quite relaxing. I can see from other testimonials that it has not produced the same results for everyone; and that each situation is probably different. Apparently I was a perfect candidate for this thing and have highly recommended it to everyone that I hear complaining about their back pain. Don't waste your money on the pills the Back to Life people will try to sell you. They are very expensive, hard to get off your credit card, and in my opinion not necessary. The machine is the ticket; not the pills.

  • James Cobos - Best Book Ever

    The information contained in this book is simply life changing. this book, to me, explains how the subtle, but "supercharged" free flowing energy of the Earth helps the body work the way it's supposed to and can profoundly impact your life in a good way and change you for the better. I had the chance to personally meet the author of this book, Clint Ober in March 2010, before I read this book, but was already aware of some of the information, and that helped reinforce that Earthing is a vital component to my daily life, ma vie cotidienne. Thanks for all that you are doing Clint. See you at the next The Longevity Now Conference. Being superhuman is the way we are supposed to be.

  • KennyB - NOT PLUG AND PLAY! You must switch wires to light properly !!

    As another poster wrote, the factory wiring is wrong . You have to switch the purple and green wire.

  • N. T. Beard - Not a good book to learn from

    This book's explanations were poor at best. It utilized undefined terms, and had a weak glossary/index.

  • April Benard - This product is amazing!!

    This product is amazing!!! However,I suggest not buying it on here but rather from a sponsor in your area... there is a 100% money back guarantee and a huge support group that you will be added to where you can read/see testimonies plus by buying it threw a sponsor you also have a coach you can always count on and often times we go to large meetings/ conferences where you get to learn so much!! And in addition to all that if you refer 3 people to the product then you can get a month free of product! !!