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Bioalps :: Biotechnologies Switzerland :: Biotechnology :: European hub for Life Sciences & Biotech - Your entry point to a wealth of contacts, know-how and knowledge, for both personal and institutional support: BioAlps, the life science cluster of Western Switzerland.

  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/what-does-bioalps-offer-45.html What does BioAlps offer you? :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - Your entry point to a wealth of contacts, know-how and knowledge, for both personal and institutional support: BioAlps, the life science cluster of Western Switzerland . BioAlps offers you a dynamic network, an innovative and supportive environment, and immediate access to the world of life
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/mission-14.html Mission :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - Our aim is to promote Western Switzerland as a world class centre for the life sciences, and to foster the growth of this specific industrial sector. Our role goes well beyond the promotion of excellence in the sector as it exists today. We also accompany, support, encourage and stimulate both
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/unique-strengths-16.html Our unique strengths :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - The tightly-knit life science community in Western Switzerland offers six key strengths, which attract more people and companies to the region daily. World class research A strong industrial network Access to sophisticated core facilities Leading clinical centres Convergence of know-how Strong
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/organisation-24.html Organisation :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - BioAlps is the life science cluster of Western Switzerland and notably represents all that is biotechnology and medical technology. Dedicated to promoting excellence and innovation in the sector, BioAlps is one of four clusters in Switzerland (BioAlps, Basel Area , Greater Zurich Area and
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/members-25.html Members :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - There are seven cantonal members and thirteen institutional members of BioAlps. Membership is growing regularly, as more institutions join BioAlps. Bern, Fribourg, Geneva, Jura, Neuchâtel, Valais, and Vaud are all members of BioAlps. In each cantonal administration, membership sits within the
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/board-26.html Board :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - The BioAlps Board is composed of representatives from the life science environment in Western Switzerland: incubators, tech transfer offices, government and academia. Board President Dr. Benoît Dubuis Director of Campus Biotech phone: +41 22 880 10 10 [email protected] Read more about Benoît
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/publications-788.html Publications :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - All BioAlps publications aim to help individuals and companies keep abreast of the multiplicity of activities and opportunities within the Western Switzerland life science community. You will find the list of publications available below, in chronological order, with the most recent first. Some
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/media-centre-29.html Media Centre :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - The life science sector relies on journalists to convey balanced and accurate information about the most complex subjects. The wealth of knowledge within the BioAlps cluster is at the disposal of journalists. We can help you find good ideas for stories and interesting story angles. We can put you
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/photo-gallery-849.html BioAlps, photo - Did you miss one of our events ? Or do you want to experience one anew ? Our gallery contains all of the pictures from our events. We also invite you to consult our archives .  Archives :    2012 2011 2010 2009    ( 4à6 BioAlps: Endosense )   2012 - Nanotech Montreux - Remis du Poster
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/rich-industrial-texture-47.html A rich industrial texture :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - Find out more about the BioAlps cluster's wide palette of the best services and infrastructures in the life sciences, all at the forefront of technology and discovery, enabling you to be creative and innovative. Everything has been put into place to enable entrepreneurs and established companies
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/tech-transfer-academia-23.html Tech transfer and academia :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - The thousands of researchers and the numerous research projects in Western Switzerland have led to the development of several technology transfer offices, which bridge the gap between academia and business. Many successful start-ups in the BioAlps cluster have resulted from tech transfer deals.
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/infrastructure-real-estate-39.html Infrastructure and real estate :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - Central and strategic, the BioAlps cluster is situated at the geographical, technological and economic crossroads of European markets. Real and virtual access to other countries is easy, facilitating quick and easy exchange and collaboration between teams. A number of sophisticated science parks
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/financing-40.html Financing :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - Starting a sustainable life science company means having the right blend of several factors: management, access to cash, adaptability, timing and location. The BioAlps cluster offers a variety of financial services to fit the needs of everyone. From private equity to venture capital, through loans
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/economic-promotion-41.html Economic promotion :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland -   Greater Geneva Berne area ( GGBa ) is the economic development agency which represents six Cantons of Western Switzerland: Berne, Fribourg, Vaud, Neuchâtel, Geneva and Valais. Its primary mission is to support foreign-based companies looking to establish business operations in Western
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/coaching-company-creation-42.html Coaching and company creation :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - There is a rich fabric of opportunities for entrepreneurs and experienced managers alike to learn and obtain coaching in creating companies, defining business strategies and expanding markets. The many structures within the BioAlps cluster provide services tailored to each need.   Company
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/international-markets-43.html International markets :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - The success that many multinational and SMEs in the BioAlps cluster encounter is measured in part by their ability to export their products and services and expand the business internationally. As many start ups do not have experience in this, there are several mechanisms for learning the ropes.
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/economy-business-62.html Economy and business :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - Western Switzerland asserts its vocation as a great economic centre (more than 570 multinational companies in Geneva alone) and offers a unique know-how that is recognised worldwide. Even if it is not part of the European Union (EU), the numerous political and economic agreements passed with the
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/western-switzerland-business-centre-63.html Western Switzerland: a business centre of 18,000 square kilometres! :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - Western Switzerland is one of the regions of the world that has the highest concentration of international enterprises and centres of competence. Services, technologies and industries all benefit from a social climate and conditions that make it possible for everyone to live in a stable
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/economic-environment-64.html Economic environment :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - The Swiss economy is known for having excellent performance levels. Highly specialised enterprises with first rate qualifications, international groups, very liberal politics, a stable purchasing power (notably due to rates of inflation that are among the lowest in the world) and capital at
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/switzerland-foreign-policy-65.html Switzerland's foreign policy :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - Bilateral agreements with other European countries, and a series of agreements with other important markets, or with the Geneva-based World Trade Organisation ( WTO ), guarantee companies that are active in Western Switzerland : free circulation of industrial products free circulation of services
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/multinational-companies-decision-centres-66.html Multinational companies and decision centres :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - The particular stability of the country and the welcome conditions reserved for enterprises have naturally incited many multinational companies to establish themselves in Western Switzerland once they have analysed the alternatives. Some of the major groups of the world have been active here for
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/high-tech-industries-production-67.html High-tech industries and production :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - The economy in Western Switzerland is a very healthy one! High value-added sectors in particular have increased their activities, such as: Watch-making Precision instruments Medical equipment and other industrial equipment Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology Semiconductors Services Micro- and
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/banks-finance-68.html Banks and finance :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - Switzerland’s reputation of excellence and stability has turned it into a world centre of finance for more than three centuries. In this field, Western Switzerland offers excellent conditions to companies, that can count on the services of the best financial management and tax specialists.
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/employment-work-force-69.html Employment and work force :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - Surveys have shown that the average employee, usually qualified, active in Western Switzerland is known for the quality of his or her work. Identification with the company is very strong and, overall, the Swiss employee speaks several languages, has a good knowledge of world markets and an
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/support-settlement-financial-help-70.html Support for settlement and financial help :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - To facilitate the arrival of a new company and its subsequent development, Western Switzerland has set up an important assistance programme that consists in supplying everything a company needs to work in western Switzerland. The Swiss Confederation, the cantons and their services for economic
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/taxes-71.html Taxes :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - Western Switzerland remains one of the most attractive regions in the world, notably from a fiscal point of view . The tax system , contributions and taxes function according to a principle called “the three fiscal sovereignties”, meaning that they are levied by the confederation, the cantons
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/western-switzerland-technologies-future-find-72.html Western Switzerland : technologies of the future find their source here ! :: BioAlps :: Biotech and Medtech :: Switzerland - Western Switzerland has a concentration of competence centres, of technological parks and industries. For all those who seek excellence in high-tech fields, everything here contributes towards rewarding an enterprise with success thanks to: clearly defined technological directives prestigious
  • http://www.bioalps.org/biotechnology/supporting-innovation-creation-enterprises-109.html innovation start-ups - In Western Switzerland, your projects find the support that will transform your idea into an enterprise. Cantonal or federal programmes, dedicated parks and specialised companies very actively support innovation and potential, particularly in the field of state-of-the-art technologies. Industrial

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