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  • Cora Grace - Double Rich Chocolate Tastes Like Cocoa Powder

    The Double Rich Chocolate tastes like pure cocoa powder. We had the extreme milk chocolate before, which we felt tasted rather weak so we decided to try something that would probably be stronger. However, this is a very strong pure cocoa powder taste. It is rather bitter and not very sweet. My husband is okay with it since he doesn't drink it for the taste, but I like to make shakes and tasty stuff out of them and this one isn't doing it for me. If you don't like super sweet shakes then this one is for you! I had the Cookies and Cream before and felt it was a little too sweet, but I would much rather have that flavor than the Double Rich Chocolate.

  • Sarah Galey - great

    This book is a great reference when I get stuck while using QB at work. I recommend it for anyone who uses the program.

  • dreamy - I really love this product as it suctions everything out

    I really love this product as it suctions everything out. However, after using it for about 6 months, somehow water got in the tube. The water dried up black... which makes me think it is biological growth. I am scared to use it now. I want to order another one but worried if this happens again, i would have to keep buying a new one.

  • Daddyo - Nothing new here.

    This set is not like the previous immersion sets. No surround or super high fidelity stuff. Just the same The Wall and The Wall Live discs, remastered to Roger Waters' high standards. Which is great. But for this kind of money, one would expect some new recordings of these songs. Discs 5 & 6 are filled with mostly snippets of the raw, unpolished "demos" that were the basis for the songs we all recognize. Honestly, they suck, and I can't, for the life of me, understand why Mr. Waters would even want us to hear them. Here is an opportunity for him to share with his fans some of the miles and miles of tape he has from all the concerts Pink Floyd performed. But no, not even one song! If you are looking for something new, don't look here. If you want the remastered versions of these two albumns, then, by all means, buy it. Come on Roger, share a little!

  • WadeC - Wolf/Moon '08

    My girlfriend bought me this shirt back in 2008 as a gift for almost not dropping out of high school. Even though we were virgins and she was a vocal advocate for teen abstinence, upon seeing me with the wolves she immediately became 3 months pregnant with my child.

  • Mathew - BEST REEL

    If you are a pro or just starting out do yourself a favor and buy this reel cause the quality is fantastic as well as the durability. I fish with reels from rages of 200 to 420 dollars and to be honest I rather to fish with this reel cause it has alot of line capacity never back lashes even when I drop shot with it. This brings me to my next point If you are a beginner this is the perfect reel for you since it has 7 magnetic brakes instead of 5 like your expensive reels. I hope that you find this review helpful.

  • strouse c - great for tracking many thoughts simultaneously

    Personally I am very in tune with the effects of chemicals on my body, so I find this product very effective at only one pill per day in days that I am teaching. I find that I can hold thoughts for much longer, which is great when a room full of high school students is having a conversation that you're in charge of. Honestly there are no negative side effects for me. I really like these. I take about 100 pills per year.